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Welcome to Heartland Diary USA, the new website of Montana author Frank Miele, the former editor of The Daily Inter Lake. Frank’s weekly column on national politics is now published on Mondays at realclearpolitics.com and will also be linked here. “After 14 years of writing my Editor’s 2 Cents column for the Daily Inter Lake

Flashback: How Barack Obama used outside help to get into Harvard

Politics – Down and Dirty

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin weren’t the first people to use outside sources to game the system of college admissions. I wrote in 2012 about how Barack Obama needed and used outside help to gain entrance to Harvard Law School. My discovery of a 1979 newspaper column by the father of Obama’s top adviser Valerie

Russian collusion fraudsters still trying to destroy Trump with Fake News

Politics – Down and Dirty

We owe a debt of gratitude to Real Clear Investigations reporter Paul Sperry for exposing to the rest of us what the Deep Swamp Media already knew — that the original conspiracy against Donald Trump continues unfettered while all the fake investigations are barking up the wrong tree. To be clear about it, the Hillary

Say it isn’t so, Fox! You didn’t really hire Paul Ryan, did you?

Politics – Down and DirtyThe Media Mess

In a week of cascading bad news for Fox viewers, it hopefully can’t get any worse than finding out that failed House Speaker Paul Ryan has been named to the board of the new Fox Corp. How long will it be before Ryan uses his influence to get Lou Dobbs fired? Dobbs gleefully attack’s RINO

Can we justify comparing a young socialist today to a young Hitler 100 years ago?

Politics – Down and DirtySocial Spasm

My column today at Real Clear Politics compares Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Stalin, and her Green New Deal to his five-year plans that left millions dead. Stalin isn’t off-limits to those looking for historical comparisons, but for some reason Adolf Hitler generally is. Of course no one is saying that Ocasio-Cortez is either Stalin or Hitler.

Green New Deal is a 10-year countdown to death and despair — unless we kill it first!

Politics – Down and DirtySocial Spasm

Here’s my column today at Real Clear Politics on the danger of the Green New Deal and the woman assigned to sell it to us — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I usually omit the ending in order to steer my readers over to RCP, but in this case I’m running the full column in order not to

Is Fox fake? A look back at how Fox News was influenced by Saudi prince

Politics – Down and Dirty

Fox News condemned Judge Jeanine Pirro last week for her focus on the danger of sharia law gaining a foothold in the United States of America. You can read my thoughts about that here. But six years ago, I wrote a column about Islam and sharia gaining a foothold in Fox News that may shed

Trump defends Pirro; will Fox do the right thing and reinstate her?

Politics – Down and Dirty

I had somehow missed the story last week of how Judge Jeanine Pirro was being disowned by Fox News for her comments about sharia law and Rep. Ilhan Omar. Turns out that while I was praising Fox for defending Tucker Carlson from the Outrage Mob, the channel was backstabbing Pirro. Fox News actually pulled Pirro’s

Cultural revolutions and human devastation: Is America safe?

Politics – Down and Dirty

Two columns featured at Real Clear Politics this morning highlight the scary trend in American politics toward shaming and retribution. Victor Davis Hanson, as usual, provides a historical perspective on our human foibles, showing how cultures try to bury their past instead of learn from it. In “Waging War Against the Dead,” Hanson writes that:

Morris Dees fired by SPLC: A good first step, but don’t expect miracles

Politics – Down and Dirty

The law firm called the Southern Poverty Law Center has been running a racket for decades to harass conservative groups in order to milk millions of dollars from liberals who want to destroy dissent. The mastermind behind this racket is Morris Dees, who enriched himself many times over by promoting fear and hatred against conservatives.

Tucker Carlson teaches Republicans how to have a backbone — will they listen?

Politics – Down and Dirty

Great news that Tucker Carlson’s show was the highest rated show on cable Tuesday night as he continued to fight back against the Outrage Mob trying to destroy his career. Carlson is probably the smartest guy on cable news — he is certainly the most astute and aware. He loves to have liberals on his