President Trump, just build the wall — Here’s how!

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The president threw down the gauntlet today on Twitter. He said, “The Wall is getting done one way or the other!” Right now we are waiting for the clown show in Congress to finish their border wall pantomime (construction overseen by Marcel Marceau’s white-gloved hands) so we can get back to business. But we don’t

Why do Dems want God out of the picture?

Politics – Down and Dirty

Fox News reported earlier this week that the House Committee on Natural Resources had proposed to eliminate the words “so help you God” from the oath administered to witnesses testifying before the panel. Did I mention that the leadership of the committee is now Democrats, thanks to the Paul Ryan Potomac Surrender of 2018? Today

Hey GOP! Don’t just nod your head when Democrats lie about the Wall

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Why can’t Republicans learn how to debate? The failure to win the Wall debate when it is so self-evidently a good idea suggests that the GOP is either stupid or complicit, or possibly both. Here are two examples: — Don’t blame Trump for not getting wall funding while Republicans held both houses of Congress. This

Thinking outside the box on D.C. statehood (From my column at RCP)

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Everyone says they want Congress to get stuff done, but nothing significant ever happens. That’s partly because the two sides don’t want to give each other any wins. How about a real win-win where compromise means you get what you want and I get what I want? Here’s my original idea for how to give

Andrew Sullivan on Covington: How can one man be so right and so wrong at the same time?

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The first half of Andrew Sullivan’s new article at New York magazine — “The Abyss of Hate Versus Hate” — is as good an indictment of the left for their rush to judgment over the Covington Catholic kids as you will likely read anywhere. In particular, he shines a light on the true villains of

Yikes! Roger Stone was a political operative! Who knew?

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Let’s take another look at the Roger Stone indictment to see how thin it was. When you glance at it sideways, it pretty much disappears. Now that is thin! In paragraph 5 of the indictment, we learn that Stone had contacted the Trump campaign about Wikileaks and “information it might have had that would be

Roger Stone lied to a traitor. Doesn’t that make him a hero?

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Well, the Mueller/Russia Witch Hunt finally found a witch, and his name is Roger Stone, longtime friend and staunch defender of President Trump. Stone has been arrested and charged with obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements related to the release of stolen Democratic Party emails by Wikileaks prior to the 2016 election. I’ve gone

FLASHBACK: ‘The Stoning of the Boy Who Smirked’: A parable for our times

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Someday soon someone will write a book about the Covington confrontation that could be titled “The Stoning of the Boy Who Smirked.” It is truly a mirror on our times that teenage Christian boys who were engaged as responsible citizens in the public discourse of their nation have become victims of a mass media mob

A Frank admission from the New York Times!

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I don’t often have reason to praise any aspect of the New York Times, so I will take advantage of one that unexpectedly presents itself today. Columnist Frank Bruni has a new article that calls out the members of the media pundit-ocracy who rushed to judgment against teen-age Catholics who were in the right place

Julie Kelly’s brilliant take-down of the CANTs (Conservative-Attacking Never Trumpers)

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Not for the first time I am struck by the clear-thinking, hard-hitting political analysis of Julie Kelly at American Greatness. Her article “Call-Out Conservatives Join the Left’s Lynch Mob” is the best indictment of the non-Deplorable (although truly despicable) branch of conservatism for their cut-and-run strategy of abandoning their own wounded foot soldiers and leaving