Why do Dems want God out of the picture?

Fox News reported earlier this week that the House Committee on Natural Resources had proposed to eliminate the words “so help you God” from the oath administered to witnesses testifying before the panel.

Did I mention that the leadership of the committee is now Democrats, thanks to the Paul Ryan Potomac Surrender of 2018?

Today in an interview on Fox, Rep. Debbie Dingell — a Michigan Democrat and a self-avowed Catholic — said the chairman of the committee told her that God was going back into the oath. Well, let’s hope so, but don’t think that is the end of the story.

It’s no accident that Democrats want God out of the oath first and then out of the picture altogether as soon as possible. Remember that Barack Obama back before he was elected in 2008 warned about Americans who “get bitter [and] cling to guns or religion … as a way to explain their frustrations.” Religion is a dirty word to most progressives. The less said about God the better.

There is a reason why religion was essentially banned in the Soviet Union and strictly controlled in China and other communist countries. You see, God empowers people. He lifts up the individual against the power of the state and emboldens the weak to challenge the strong. Blessed are the Deplorables, for they shall make a joyful noise at the ballot box and serve the Lord with gladness.

So, is there any one particular reason why Democrats might have a healthy fear of God? You don’t have to look further than the New York legislature, which just applauded passage of a bill to legalize abortion through the ninth month of pregnancy — many weeks after the baby would be entirely viable outside the life-support system if the mother’s womb. It is no wonder that if you legalize infanticide, you don’t want to face or hear the name of the author of life.

Jefferson’s declaration that all men are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” terrifies Democrats. They cannot acknowledge the Creator without acknowledging the right to life he granted us all. So instead they try to erase God from our schools, our institutions and our hearts in order to raise up human-granted rights such as the right to kill babies.

Whether they restore the oath or not, Democrats had better be prepared to beseech God for his help not just in telling the truth, but in living it, too.

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3 thoughts on “Why do Dems want God out of the picture?

  1. Dear Mr. Miele,

    Your recent article in Homeland Diary USA, “The Stoning of the Boy Who Smirked,” was right on the mark. I’m sure the entire episode is one of the worst I have seen lately (besides the Kavanaugh lynching) of man’s inhumanity to man. I watched a young, trusting, happy young adult used as the target of hate. He was used as an excuse to hurt and humiliate people with a value system that differs from others. “The stoning of the boy who smirked….” Anyone with grandsons between the ages of 12 and 19, knows that this is the look of a young guy wondering what’s happening to the world as he knows it. Uncharted territory for a seventeen year old. The boys and young adults experienced something their parents never wanted them to experience, right on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, i.e., a threat to their safety, security, and their lives. This had to sicken every one of their parents. Their sons were exposed to heartless, selfish, political opportunists. At any cost.

    The look on the young adult’s face was just like my grandson’s look when things in his predictable world become unpredictable and questionable: “What’s going on?” “Is someone spoofing me?” “How polite am I supposed to be to this grouchy elderly man?” “When will he remove the drumsticks from my face, particularly my nose?” “Is he going to hit me?” “What did I do wrong?” “Is our bus here?” “Will a chaperone step in and figure out how to get me out of here?”

    The country witnessed one of the saddest things I have seen in a long time. Right in front of our faces. These boys and young adults suffered the death of innocence, the death of trust for their own safety, the death of the righteousness of their fellow man, and perhaps the death of their total trust in the system which is supposed to protect the young, the innocent, the noble, the unborn. For this boy, as well as all the boys on the trip to Washington DC., that death is what I see. They may have even figured out that if babies can be killed one minute before birth, everyone is fair game. It makes me sad, disillusioned, and disheartened whenever I see the now-famous nervous young man, who could be my grandson, facing a belligerent, unkempt, possibly smelly man who claimed to be native American when he has obviously lived in the United States of America his entire life.

    The self-proclaimed native American has not lived off the land, as real native Americans did. Talk about “Stolen valor.” He didn’t catch his prey, skin it for clothing and eat it for food. He is a self-proclaimed “victim” who wants us to discount that by virtue of being an American citizen, he is afforded more rights and privileges than anywhere else in the world. If he felt that other countries would give his native American heritage more respect than he gets from the United States of America, he ought to be given a free ticket and helped onto his horse. People who have become “tribal” over the last 30 years about their own nationalities, should remember they are AMERICAN. They are not Italian, Irish, German, Polish, Mexican. They are of Italian, Irish, German, Polish, or Mexican DESCENT.

    The man we all saw demanding our attention and respect for the sole reason that he is native American was actually just an unkind, unclean, uninspiring, and likely unemployed, man. I think other Americans of native American descent should have been embarrassed by his antics. He is of native American descent, but he is an American. He enjoys all the luxuries of an American citizen. Does he report to a native American hierarchy and receive unemployment checks or VA benefits or does he receive benefits from the United States of America? Does he perhaps receive help from a Native American Foundation? In reality, he (Phillips) is an American who attacked a young American. A verbal assault, along with threatening a young adult by waving a stick in his face, was intentional. He wanted the kid to take a swing at him or turn tail and run. Prove what a big man he was. Isn’t that the definition of a “Bully”? Phillips was like all the loud jeering grown up men with him from the nearby hate group which tagged along to scream and add fuel. This intimidation tactic would have had the Southern Poverty Law group and ACLU ranting if it was the other way around. It is fascism, and I am surprised that the hate group known by its misnomer antifa (as though they were against fascism rather than spreading it) were not bouncing around looking for attention. Probably too cold for them.

    The parents of the boys and young adults from Covington lovingly and willingly gave each of these boys the security of a “family,” a community of like-minded friends, extracurricular sports and activities, and of course, the religious foundation which, in itself, is fair game for criticism. A family, a home life with possibly a mother AND a father, and a safe community are more common than people are made to believe. These are things people like Kamala Harris might not even consider “Rights” although she proclaimed health care should be considered everyone’s right. Family with a mother AND father? I would love Kamala to advocate for that.

    Great praise has been given to the concept of having a “Safe Space” in every college. This is to prevent young people from hearing opinions that might be different from their own world views and which might make them feel uncomfortable. Great praise for this forward thinking idea of protecting young adults from the adult world. But if the value system I grew up with were to be considered a “Safe Space,” it would not receive the same accolades. In my family we could call the gifts of having a strong family life, community, and friends a type of “Safe Space” the way colleges have encouraged their young people to find a “Safe Space.” But the family tradition in America is villified, demeaned, and attacked as racist whereas adult college students DEMAND their “Safe Space” so nothing hurts their feelings. Not exactly egalitarian.

    The real smirkers, of course, are Shumer, Blumenthal, Smallwell, and Pelosi, and the biggest smirker of them all, is our own Paul Ryan. We trusted him but when, a few months ago at the 11th hour, he stuck President Trump with a budget that was full of items a republican should not have been proud to include, it was a triumph for Paul Ryan. The triumph was Paul Ryan’s because the ONE thing President Trump asked for was missing: Funding for the Wall. Paul Ryan let us all down. I suppose it was some kind of comeuppance to President Trump for daring to win the presidential election when Ryan and Romney couldn’t do it. How dare Trump win. President Trump made Ryan and Romney look ineffectual and irrelevant. Then Paul Ryan smirked and smirked. Not the youngster at the “Right to Life” protest. It will always be Paul Ryan.

    The young adult from Kentucky was an innocent bystander who suffered from adults in our “media world” calling him uncalled for names. These media spokespeople and leaders, who are ADULTS, become positively HORRIFIED if anyone calls anyone a name!!! No, no, no! They say no name calling. Unless it is Bill Maher or Steven Colbert who choose to do the name calling OF A KID! (Please Pronounce the “t” in Colbert’s name. This isn’t France! Don’t let him feel dignified by this affectation.)

    The young man from Covington was smiling, nervously, but smiling. The Democrats enjoy smirking and deriding President Trump. We expect that. But our own choir boy, Paul Ryan, was the back biting poster boy “resister” to President Trump. We didn’t expect it from our good boy Paul Ryan, who always felt he should be the one in the Oval Office making all those powerful deals. He should have met with Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Syria; he should be the one negotiating to bring Apple and thousands of jobs back to the United States; cancel the bogus “Paris Accord” climate change boondoggle the US would foot the bill for; end the revolting deal with Iran; create an embassy in Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol. Paul Ryan, that’s who. Honestly, would Ryan have even had a clue as to how to do 1/10 of these things or even start? When Paul Ryan handed President Trump the ridiculous business-as-usual budget a few months ago, he showed us all what true “smirking” looks like for anyone who is confused. And now the mess at the border can at least in part be laid at Ryan’s door for his ineptitude, his spiteful petty politics and his self serving lust for power or as these politicians always say when they want to be elected, “I want to give back.” I wish they would give back after years of taking from the public trough.


    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

  2. Amen! The intent of our Declaration, ” they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”; and our Constitution “secure the Blessing of Liberty” are being systematically destroyed by liberals and progressives. Pray we win back individual liberties with less government at the ballot box…… or prepare for the next Crusade.

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