A modest proposal: Send Ocasio-Cortez to the moon

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You may have read that SpaceX has launched a rocket to the moon carrying a payload called the Lunar Library. This 30-million page document contains the combined wisdom of mankind and is being sent to the moon as a kind of insurance policy to protect the heritage of the human race. I have a simpler

Michael Cohen’s fever dream goes viral; kiss reality goodbye

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It’s gonna be one of those days — one of those days when there are so many lies swirling in the Mainstream Media that even the Democrats can’t keep them straight. But as you listen to Michael Cohen fabulate his testimony to Congress (or is that fib-ulate?) remember these key facts as Cohen tries to

First they came for Laura Loomer, but when will they come for you?

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I had never heard of Laura Loomer until Twitter banned her because she is a Jewish activist who raised questions about the anti-Semitic statements of newly elected Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Probably most of you hadn’t heard of her either, but now thanks to the persecution of Loomer by Twitter and its left-wing CEO Jack

Is Bill Weld a Stalking-Horse for Romney in 2020?

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My column today at Real Clear Politics is a Swiftian political fantasy that just might be true. I never get tired of pointing out what an ass Mitt Romney is, and bringing William Weld into the mix was just gravy. Enjoy! Is Bill Weld a Stalking-Horse for Romney in 2020? By Frank Miele Does anyone

Deep State duplicity: Is Cohen testimony timed to undercut Trump-Kim summit?

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Once upon a time in America, when a president went overseas, there was a ceasefire on domestic politics in order to be sure not to weaken the president’s hand with our foreign adversaries. All that went out the window when President Trump — the most hated president since Abraham Lincoln — was elected. Today the

Will Kamala Harris’ political future go up in smoke as she re-invents her foggy past?

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As California Sen. Kamala Harris rises in the polls for the Democratic presidential nomination, it is worth keeping in mind that this political animal is inventing herself as she goes along. Even her own father doesn’t recognize her, or possibly like who she has become. In a radio interview on Feb. 11, Sen. Harris proudly

Free speech needs a bodyguard at Berkeley

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This is not the first time I have noted the death of free speech at Berkeley, but it bears repeating. Sproul Plaza, the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement on the University of California campus, on Tuesday was the site of a violent assault on a conservative activist who was assisting Turning Point USA in

Kudos to Lara Logan for shining a light on media collusion

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You probably already heard about Lara Logan’s stunning indictment of mainstream media for liberal bias, but I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to applaud a journalism whistleblower. They are, after all, few and far between at the level of achievement reached by Logan, who until recently was a correspondent for “60 Minutes” on CBS.

Nick Sandmann strikes a blow for freedom FROM the irresponsible press!

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Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic student who was tarred by the National Media as a racist, may get the last laugh. Sandmann’s attorney Lin Wood has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post for $250 million, and he promises that this will be the first of many such lawsuits against media outlets and celebrities

CNN, Comedy Central ought to shake things up by switching staffs

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It occurred to me when reading Mark Finkelstein’s report about CNN’s crack news team that I now know the solution to the Fake News Crisis. Face it, most millennials already get their news from would-be comedians like Trevor Noah on the Daily Show. But after reading Finkelstein’s account on Newsbusters, it is clear that CNN