Here comes da judge! Jeanine is back on Fox — and better than ever!

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After Fox News shamefully kept her off the air for two weeks, Judge Jeanine Pirro was back on the air Saturday night, and she didn’t miss a beat as she called out the Deep State, Pencil Neck Schiff, Mad Dog Mueller, the Malevolent Media and more. Pirro, in case you missed it, was suspended because

One book ended slavery; can one film end abortion?

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There are many things to write about every day, but there is one that deserves to be written about every day that we rarely talk about — abortion. Unfortunately, in our society abortion is considered as normal and acceptable as ripping the heart out of a living human being was to the ancient Aztecs. It

The Democratic stench in Virginia just got even worse

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I must admit I’ve always admired Douglas Wilder, both for his soft-spoken and dignified manner and for his place in U.S. history for being the first black man elected governor. But that was 1989. This is 2019, and now Wilder at the age of 88 stands accused of sexual harassment for behavior with a student

More evidence the Mainstream Media is just plain stupid (or: “Breaking News: Mueller Report is longer than the summary!!!!”)

Politics – Down and Dirty

I don’t know how to fully account for the massive stupidity of the mainstream media, but I think it may just be getting worse! Breathless reporting from the New York Times delivers the latest anti-Trump BOMBSHELL! Here’s the shocking headline: “Mueller Report Exceeds 300 Pages, Raising Questions About Four-Page Summary” What! That’s extraordinary — and

Are we close to the breaking point? If so, blame Democrats

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The news in the last 72 hours has been so head-spinningly grotesque that one has to wonder whether we have reached the breaking point as a nation. Certainly the truth is close to the breaking point. Just as the mainstream media suffers its 19th nervous breakdown over the Russian Collusion Delusion and declares that Mueller

If Trump is innocent, then Jussie Smollett must be innocent too! (Distraction 101!)

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This is a classic sleight-of-hand move by the Matrix magicians who govern by distraction and deceit. Two days after President Trump is cleared of wrong-doing, suddenly the open-and-shut case against race hoaxer Jussie Smollett is dropped by Chicago prosecutors. Imagine how quickly the Fake News Media has turned from the important story about the conspiracy

Tucker Carlson does humanity proud! Not everyone on TV is dumb as a rock!

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Tucker Carlson’s show Monday night on Fox needs to be burned on a titanium disc and put in a time capsule. It was that good. Heck, it ought to be shot into space as evidence for far-away alien civilizations that no matter how stupid people appear to be if you watch CNN or MSNBC, that

‘Who is Ayn Rand?’ The woman who can stop the motor of the Green New Deal

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I came late to “Atlas Shrugged,” but once I opened my mind to its cadence of socialist catastrophe and capitalist resurrection, I realized that author Ayn Rand had perfectly imagined the world I lived in — the world of looters and political correctness and vacuous intellectuals that we all live in. So it was easy

Mueller’s weasel words prove his anti-Trump bias, but the good news is simple: TRUMP WINS!

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The attorney general has sent his conclusions about the Mueller report to Congress and apparently to the entire world since the letter is public. Most interesting is this sentence from Mueller’s report that is quoted in Attorney General Barr’s letter regarding obstruction of justice: “While this report does not conclude that the president committed a