What if Marianne Williamson is the Donald Trump of the Democrat Party?

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It’s hard to imagine how the second night of the second round of Democrat debates can surpass the first night for one simple reason — Marianne Williamson won’t be on the stage! The New Age author is wacky as all get-out, which means she is the perfect exemplar of Democratic politics. In a very real

CNN produces 2 hour commercial for Democrats, calls it debate!

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How is it that CNN does not have to declare an illegal campaign contribution to the Democrat Party for its celebratory debate tonight? Where’s the standard disclaimer: Political ad paid for by CNN? The opening credit sequence that promoted the left-wing policies of the radical Democrats was by itself worth millions of dollars. It was

Varney & Trump: A great way to start the day!

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Enjoyed watching Varney & Co. this morning as I do almost every day. Varney and his panel consistently back President Trump and are appropriately disdainful of the dim Dems. Today the president got airtime from his helicopter press conference, and he was on fire. Although he talked about a lot of topics, Baltimore was at

President trades up with new DNI nomination — Ratcliffe in; Coats out!

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Asked what his worst mistake was not long ago, President Trump replied “probably personnel.” His supporters like me were relieved to hear it because it meant the President was less likely to appoint Swamp dwellers like HR McMaster and Christopher Wray in the future. The news that the president has named Texas congressman John Ratcliffe

My RCP column: How Democrats undermine our democracy with open borders

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My column today at Real Clear Politics pushes back against the Democrats for their strategy of devaluing citizenship in our republic by removing the adjective “illegal” from in front of “immigrant.” I also theorize that President Trump is fighting back intuitively by calling out “AOC Plus Three” and using their open borders argument against them

Goliath slays David: Covington kid’s lawsuit against Washington Post is dismissed

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How many of you heard that Nick Sandmann’s defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post was dismissed Friday? Seems to me that this is being played almost to a whisper by the major media, and no wonder since most of them are just as guilty as the Washington Post in defaming Sandmann and the other Covington

Race-baiting journalists are a fully owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party

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Nothing has quite exposed the hypocrisy and racial divisiveness of the Democrats as the current mischaracterization of President Trump’s tweets about Baltimore as being somehow racist. That hypocrisy and divisiveness — and the lies of the Fake News machine — were on full display as usual during the Sunday morning talk shows today. It goes

CNN ‘infested’ with Fake Outrage over Trump tweets

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CNN host Victor Blackwell may have just set a new low in smearing President Trump with the most inane liberal argument yet conceived — although one has to admit that CNN is “infested” with inane arguments. The president today tweeted that Rep. Elijah Cummings ought to stop attacking the Border Patrol for conditions in detention

SCOTUS victory caps one of Trump’s best weeks ever!

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Who knew that the Supreme Court would wake from its summer slumber to come to the aid of their country, but that’s just what happened on Friday afternoon. Five justices of the court said the Trump administration can go ahead and start spending $2.5 billion in Defense Dept. funds to build part of the southern