UPDATE: Two days after Trump makes threat, Guatemala signs asylum deal

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Just hours after I had written my recent post about Trump getting tough with Guatemala, the president announced that the Central American country has signed a deal to act as a “Safe Third Country” when asylum seekers cross its borders on the way to the United States. This is tremendous news, and shows once again

Trump fights courts, globalists to keep our borders intact

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The federal socialist resistance continues to fight President Trump on common-sense immigration reform, as witnessed by the idiot judge in California who single-handedly halted the administration’s new asylum policy. Meanwhile, the president and his team continue to try to use creative policy innovations to protect us not just from illegal immigration but also from the

A tale of two women: Who is ‘quintessentially American’?

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Two stories today shed light on the mainstreaming of Islamic fundamentalism in American society. One is a story about the Miss World America Organization stripping Kathy Zhu of her crown as Miss Michigan, supposedly for writing “offensive, insensitive and inappropriate’’ social media posts. Hmm, maybe. Or maybe she was targeted because she had rejected the

Mueller gets schooled in U.S. Law 101 by Rep. Turner — no such thing as exoneration!

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I’ve never heard of Rep. Mike Turner before today, but the Ohio congressman is now forever in my pantheon of heroes for his takedown of Robert Mueller as an unprincipled political hack. Turner began his question if Mueller before the House Intel Committee by asking the special counsel about his assertion in the report that

Rep. Steube makes Mueller admit he wasn’t interested in ‘Russian meddling’ or the truth

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In the final highlight of the Judiciary Committee portion of the Mueller hearing, Rep. Greg Steube of Florida was able to expose Mueller as a double-dealing weasel who wouldn’t know the truth if it came out of his own mouth. First of all, Steube got Mueller to testify that he had never interviewed for the

Three cheers for Matt Gaetz! Mueller didn’t know what hit him!

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Rep. Matt Gaetz was the first Republican at the Mueller hearing to go directly after Special Counsel Bob Mueller for not explaining why he never looked at the massive evidence that Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party was behind the Russia collusion hoax. Gaetz read from the Mueller report about the Steele Dossier’s accusation that

Bob Mueller Gump doesn’t know what Fusion GPS is! What a maroon!

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OMG! Bob Mueller just inadvertently exposed himself as a doddering fool who has no idea what he is talking about. Asked by Rep. Steve Chabot whether the unnamed firm in the report “that produced the Steele reporting” was Fusion GPS, Mueller said, and I quote, “I’m not familiar with that.” Say what? Mueller must be

Bob Mueller says it publicly: No Russian conspiracy with Trump campaign!

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Wait a minute! Didn’t Robert Mueller just say in his opening statement that there was no evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign could be charged with working with the Russians to subvert our election? “… the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government in its election

Question for Mueller: Are you incompetent, corrupt or just stupid?

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Another day, another story at Real Clear Investigations popping holes in the sad, pathetic, gossamer-thin Mueller Report. Today, Eric Felten exposes the straws of supposition that are the flimsy foundation on which Mueller and his team of Democrats built their house of cards. It’s never been any secret that most of Mueller’s evidence of “obstruction”

New report exposes Comey as anti-Trump conspirator

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I found a story this morning at Real Clear Investigations that appeared to be the smoking gun that proved James Comey was at the center of conspiracy (coup?) against President Trump. Because I had to go to my part-time job, I wasn’t able to write about Paul Sperry’s brilliant piece of reporting until now. In