My RCP column calls out Kasie Hunt for playing race card against Trump

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My column at Real Clear Politics this week exposes the role of MSNBC host Kasie Hunt in shilling for the Democratic Party. Get Trump 2.0 is all about the fake charge racism, and Hunt played it to the hilt, claiming that Trump is “ready to wage a race war” to won re-election. Democrats and their

Cuomo feeds stereotype of hot-headed Italians (Thanks, Chris!)

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Busy week, but felt like I finally had to weigh in on the Fredo Cuomo controversy. You know the background: CNN host Chris Cuomo was out with his family on Long Island when a young man addressed him as Fredo, the name of a hapless character in “The Godfather,” the ne’er-do-well brother of Sonny and

Preview: MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt invented a race war and blamed President Trump (VIDEO)

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My column Monday at Real Clear Politics is a hard-hitting piece about how MSNBC and the rest of the mainstream media are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democrat Party. Exhibit A is the outrageous political lies of host Kasie Hunt on “MTP Daily” Tuesday when she said President Trump was “ready to wage a race

Twitter finally blocked my account; here’s why

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Well, Twitter finally blocked my account. I got the notice by email Tuesday night that unless I removed an offending post, Heartland Diary USA would be locked out of Twitter. That put me in the same position as actor James Woods, who was blocked several months ago for quoting Emerson. Woods refused to remove the

Times silences anti-Trump editor who ‘wasn’t left enough’

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The New York Times has taken another step backward as a legitimate news organization by bowing to the left-wing mob again — this time demoting an editor who had the temerity to question Democratic shibboleths. You remember it was just last week that the New York Times apologized to its radical readers and staff for

Portland is on path to political violence on Saturday

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If you thought Charlottesville was bad, then brace yourselves — because Portland could be even worse. The violence at Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, 2017, was the direct result of far-left thugs refusing to allow far-right protesters to peacefully assemble in support of preserving a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. It shouldn’t need

Breaking News: Overstock CEO blows the lid off Deep State coverup

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David Asman just had a mind-blowing interview with Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne in Fox Business that raises the possibility that we may soon know exactly how the Deep State Coup was supposed to work, and who was behind it. You may have read Sara Carter’s July 26 story about Byrne’s connection to the Russia probe,

Democrat rage, not guns, is the real threat to our fragile democracy

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The last 10 days have driven home that the United States is no longer “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” We may very well have to cut that word “indivisible” out of the Pledge of Allegiance right away. “Under God” may go next, and if it does you can kiss