Whistleblower charade is just latest Deep State attack on Trump

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The latest outrage from the anti-Trump coup conspiracy is one of the worst and most blatantly fake — namely, this supposed “whistleblower” who was so upset by something President Trump supposedly said to some foreign head of state. This one really rankles me, and if I find out the whistleblower is former national security adviser

Comey and McCabe walking around free is an insult to the rule of law

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It’s a case of good news/bad news for Americans who are waiting for accountability in the silent coup waged against President Trump. We have now learned that both of the top two officials in the Obama era FBI have had criminal referrals sent to the Department of Justice by Inspector General Michael Horowitz. That’s the

Fake News is now old news, and that’s a scary story

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When it comes to Brett Kavanaugh, there are two kinds of journalists — the ones who hate him and will do anything to destroy him and the ones who are fair. The problem, of course, is that the fair ones can only sit idly by while the haters run the red light of journalistic ethics

President Trump destroys the radical left in four minutes!

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The tone-deaf left doesn’t understand why conservative Americans have chosen President Donald Trump as our leader. It’s easy — because he is the only politician who consistently and courageously calls out the radical left for their assault in American freedoms and on common sense. Four minutes of President Trump’s rally speech in Rio Rancho, NM,

The ‘faith-based’ politics of supporting Donald Trump [Today’s column at Real Clear Politics]

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My column today at Real Clear Politics hits on a theme I have pondered for a while — why am I and so many others confident of Trump’s re-election when the polls all have him down by 10 points even against a lightweight like Beto O’Rourke? Maybe it all comes down to faith in the

Justice Kavanaugh smeared by New York Times again; he should sue the pants off them

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The Fake News Media won’t give up in smearing conservatives. The question now is when will America give up on the Fake News Media? This morning we woke up to the outrageous story from the New York Times that the FBI didn’t investigate yet another sexual assault allegation against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This the equivalent

VIDEO: Savage beating in Minneapolis gets no media attention. Guess why?

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This story says it all about why our nation needed a truth teller like Donald Trump to become our president. For the most part, the mainstream media are not going to tell you what happened outside Target Field in Minneapolis on August 3 when a man was savagely beaten by a dozen other men after

Abortion: A sickness of the spirit, a disease of the soul

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The ability of virtually the entire modern world to convince itself that human babies have no innate value is surely evidence of a spiritual disease. The latest symptom of that disease just surfaced this week when more than 2,000 aborted infant fetuses were found in the Illinois home of a deceased abortion doctor who had

Montana Republican calls out RINOs for ‘attempted coup’ against voters

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Montana is, in many respects, a microcosm of the political war underway in the United States. It is a state that was founded on traditional values, yet seems oddly inclined to govern from a progressive point of view. It is a state that is deep red from border to border, but dominated by several blue

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana defends YOUR gun rights and OUR republic

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I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in the down home wit and wisdom of Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana. Today on “Varney and Co.” he brilliantly battled the forces in the left who want to dismantle our U.S. Constitution, starting with the Second Amendment. Kennedy starts out by reminding viewers that we don’t