Great News: Shepard Smith out at Fox News (WATCH!)

Shepard Smith, the embedded Fake News journalist at Fox News, did all conservatives a favor today when he announced he is leaving the cable news giant.

No word yet on whether this was Smith’s reaction to being called out by prime-time star Tucker Carlson as a partisan, but it has grown increasingly uncomfortable for the left-wing host at the presumably mainstream conservative network.

You can watch a recap of the Tucker Carlson feud here:

Apparently, Smith will be off the air for a while as a result of his negotiated departure from the network, but do you doubt that he will wind up on MSNBC or CNN at some time in the future?

That’s fine. No one wants him to suffer; we just don’t want to listen to his smug superior socialist hatred of us Deplorables on Fox News any more.

Heck even the president wished Smith well when told the news.

“Is he leaving? Oh, that’s a shame,” Trump said.

“Is he leaving because of bad ratings? … He had terrible ratings. Is he leaving ’cause of his ratings? I mean, if he’s leaving, I assume he’s leaving because he had bad ratings. He had the worst ratings on Fox.”

“Well, I wish him well,” Trump said. “I wish Shepard Smith well.”

Yep, we all do — just not on a Fox News.


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