Trump’s tweets are a victory lap, not a sign of collapse

For the past two weeks, the media has been coming down from their impeachment high, but like all addicts, they have tried to keep the glow alive as long as possible.

Of course, all the objective evidence is that impeachment is a failure. At the constitutional level, President Trump won’t be convicted by the Senate. At the political level, impeachment has actually strengthened Trump as he has gained up to five points in national polls and is winning in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

So now, the hate-Trump media has been reduced to their lowest common denominator — making up stories about how Trump is out of control, losing it, cracking under the pressure… pick your favorite cliché.

Last Sunday, all the news shows were trumpeting the same theme — namely that Trump has somehow been turned into a whimpering sniveling hunk of man meat by that vicious she-beast of the Deep State, Nancy Pelosi.

According to this pseudo-theory, President Trump has been brought to ground by Pelosi through her “brilliant” strategy of “withholding” impeachment until Congress comes back into session next week. Just the very thought of those impeachment articles not being delivered to the Senate is supposedly driving Trump crazy.

The evidence?

Because during his Christmas vacation, the president has been tweeting relentlessly that Pelosi is crazy and that she is engaged in an impeachment hoax instead of doing her job.

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Wait a minute! Doesn’t President Trump ALWAYS tweet relentlessly about “Crazy Nancy”? The fact that he’s on vacation doesn’t mean he should stop tweeting, does it?

Hell no, we want MORE tweets!

And let’s consider this Fake News theory seriously for a minute. We are told that Nancy Pelosi got under Trump’s skin. The evidence? He tweeted about her.

But who really got under who’s skin? I would propose that it was Trump with his endless needling of the Wicked Witch of the West who really got under HER skin. The evidence? SHE IMPEACHED HIM and pretty much handed him another four years as president!

Now she’s desperately trying to figure out how to avoid looking like a moron when the Senate throws her articles of impeachment into the circular filing cabinet.

Sorry, Nancy. You followed Adam Schiff into the deep waters of delusion. Now it’s time for you to sink into oblivion. Buh-bye.


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“Nancy, please keep impeaching me! I love winning!!!”

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