Biden wins ‘North South Carolina’ primary. Now what?

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Well, Joe Biden promised that South Carolina was his firewall, and he was right! Looks like he will finish with an impressive 50-plus percent victory against six apparently unimpressive opponents. So what does that tell us? First of all, that lots of Democrats are afraid of socialist Bernie Sanders. Hooray. That’s good news for the

WTH! Never Trump National Review now goes Never Bacon

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Every day I scan the headlines to find the most outrageous, the most ridiculous or the most newsworthy items that may deserve comment from yours truly. Sometimes, I’ll have to look quite a while and nothing seems worth writing about. Other times a story will scream so loud at me that I have to put

Democratic ‘food fight’ in S.C. puts Trump closer to victory

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OMG! What a delightful disintegration of the Democratic Party I witnessed Tuesday night on CBS from South Carolina! It was like watching highlights from “It’s a Mad Mad Mad World!” All that was missing was a pie in the face of Bernie Sanders! (I had prepared a video of one delightful 12 minute segment from

Outrageous! Elizabeth Warren still lying about being fired for being pregnant!

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Did she really go there? At Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in South Carolina, Elizabeth Warren must have been having vapors when she brought up her completely debunked fake life experience of being fired for being pregnant. I’ll admit I was fading off to sleep when Warren brought up being fired as a teacher, reciting the

A cure for Swamp sickness: Send Dr. Ronny Jackson to Congress!

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I am so delighted to discover that Dr. Ronny Jackson is running for Congress in the 13th District in Texas. Jackson, you will remember, was President Trump’s White House physician and his pick to be the secretary of Veterans Affairs until he was scurrilously attacked by my home-state senator, Jon Tester, as a drunk, a

Impeachment doesn’t have to be political sham; here’s a better way

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(Adam Schiff may have unwittingly done the country a great favor. By running a completely political impeachment, he exposed the weakness of the process currently used to remove a president. In an age of 24/7 cable coverage, the right of the accused to a fair trial cannot be guaranteed unless the House collects evidence in

Liberalism is the coronavirus of Fox News

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Mirroring the rapid spread of coronavirus through the world is the spread of liberalism through Fox News. There were isolated cases over the last several years such as Juan Williams and Shepard Smith, but they did not seem contagious. It was not until Paul Ryan arrived in the board of Fox News that we saw

It’s well past time for Montana GOP to reclaim governor’s mansion

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Montana Republicans must be chomping at the bit. They have to see running room ahead as they vie to retake the governor’s mansion for the first time in 16 years. That’s because there are three highly qualified Republicans running in the June primary, and the winner will be taking on one of two Democrats who

Chris Matthews gives blow-by-blow commentary on Democrat debate bloodbath

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Plenty of heavyweight championship fights have been fought in Las Vegas over the years. Leave it to an old-time political pro like Chris Matthews to turn the Nevada Democratic Presidential Debate into a title fight that left the stage in a pool of blood. MSNBC hosted the debate, so you know everything swung left, and

Blagojevich’s prayerful homecoming proves him worthy of mercy

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Only a hard-hearted Democrat could have a dry eye after watching former Illinois Gov. Rod “Blago” Blagojevich’s sad, joyful, prayerful, humble and triumphant homecoming today when he spoke to a crowd of supporters and news media in front of his house after being released from prison four years early by President Donald Trump. If you