Jim Acosta gets slapped down by Trump for ‘nasty, snarky question’

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President Trump decided to give CNN’s Jim Acosta one more chance to be a journalist on Monday, March 30, 2020, but Acosta failed miserably. “Go ahead. Let’s give it a shot,” the president said to Acosta when he called on him at the coronavirus press conference. But as soon as Acosta opened his mouth, it

Maria Bartiromo is the last best hope for honest news on TV

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Week after week, Maria Bartiromo provides the straight news on her daily Fox Business show and on her “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News. She never settles for the official story, but digs behind and isn’t afraid to place blame on the politicians who are playing games with American money and American lives. This Sunday,

We have nothing to fear but the MSM itself. How infuriating!

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Just when you thought the mainstream media couldn’t sink any lower, along comes coronavirus to prove you wrong. President Trump is doing everything possible to give people hope and to overcome what he calls the “invisible enemy,” but the MSM is just as great an enemy as the virus itself. In case anyone believed the

The stupidest tweet you will ever read!

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Wow, I had no idea Joe Lockhart was a raving lunatic! After all, he worked as communications director for Bill Clinton (you remember? the last moderate Democrat?) and he always seemed like a nice normal guy. Oh how wrong I was! I had the misfortune to see a tweet by Mr. Lockhart today which proved

Look for my column on coronavirus fearmongering tomorrow!

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I finished my column on coronavirus and the mainstream media today and submitted it to Real Clear Politics for use in my usual Monday slot. But the editors decided it was timely enough that it should run right away, so it will appear sometime tomorrow at Real Clear Politics. As usual, I will also publish

What does it say about us if a stupid virus has eclipsed everything else that matters?

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I keep seeing the coronavirus out of the corner of my eye. It’s always just out of sight or blurry, never quite in focus. Does it have any power of its own? Or just what we have given it? Here’s one of my preliminary essays trying to make sense of the vast changes that a

A nation of whiners: Is this the best we can do in a crisis?

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I’m glad that most of the Greatest Generation of World War II has passed away by now so that they do not have to witness the nation of whiners we have become! Watching the Sunday morning talk shows today has been an exercise in gastric restraint as nearly every minute one of the guests or

Sorry, Tucker, you didn’t need insider knowledge to foresee a virus crisis

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Tucker Carlson of Fox News has been doing the dirty work of the Fake News Media this week, creating a false narrative to make it look like US senators betrayed the trust of the nation during the coronavirus crisis. As you know, I generally hold Carlson in the highest esteem, but he went way off

Trump tees off on ‘very dishonest’ media at coronavirus update

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Thursday’s update from the Coronavirus Task Force included two notable instances of President Trump dressing down the Fake News Media. In the first instance, MSNBC reporter Kristen Welker tried to ambush the president by asking him to tell Americans when the virus crisis would be over. Trump could have told her, “Silly rabbit! Trix are

Bullock thinks Montana will forget his anti-gun agenda… Not likely!

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Gov. Steve Bullock told Montana for months that he had no interest in being a U.S. senator. Then when Far Left Democrat Chuck Schumer came a-calling, Bullock discovered he was capable of going back on his word, which made him well qualified for Senate after all. Meanwhile Bullock’s anti-gun agenda that was left over from