RINO Tim Fox goes dirty against Gianforte in MT campaign

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Montana conservatives have been leery of Attorney General Tim Fox for a lot of reasons. Now they have another one. Fox has manufactured a phony charge of “insider trading” against Congressman Greg Gianforte, one of his two opponents in the GOP gubernatorial primary. Here’s my column today from Real Clear Politics calling out Fox for

Democrat hero decides not to resign — goes MAGA instead!

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A reader let me know that Rep. Vernon Jones, the Democratic state legislator from Georgia who endorsed President Trump, has decided not to resign after being viciously attacked by his fellow Dems. “You know what, America?” Jones said in an online video. “I thought about it, and I talked to my family and I talked

Do The Right Thing: Democrat hero gives up his office to endorse Trump

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I haven’t been posting much during the coronavirus slowdown because there just hasn’t been much worth saying. Personally, I’ve been bored to tears listening to endless reporting on the same limited topics, but I finally was inspired to comment on a glimmer of good news out of Georgia. No, Gov. Brian Kemp hasn’t been replaced

Trump Under Attack: A Tiny Virus Further Sickens the Fevered Media Mob

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My new column at Real Clear Politics takes a look at how coronavirus is changing society in many ways, and concludes that the Fake News Media is just getting worse in its feverish hatred of President Trump and the truth. Last week, they even tried to kneecap Dr. Fauci. The words of Joseph Welch are

Paul Sperry compiles definitive proof that Trump aide Victoria Coates is ‘Anonymous’ rat

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If the name Paul Sperry doesn’t sound familiar to you, it should. Sperry provided the definitive evidence proving that Eric Ciaramella was the fake whistleblower who instigated the impeachment of President Trump. I ran his full column about Ciaramella from Real Clear Investigations here at Heartland Diary USA. To this day, everyone knows who the

Does media have right to weaken US national security? Newsweek thinks so

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Whether it’s the New York Times, CNN or Newsweek, the corrupt media think they have the right to weaken national security by publishing military secrets. Newsweek’s recent report on military contingency plans in event of a breakdown of order during the coronavirus crisis was just the latest case of a journalist arrogating to himself the

Flashback: Remember when Jim Acosta was banned from the WH Press Room? Ah, the good old days!

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Jim Acosta was his usual pompous self on Friday when he accused President Trump of engaging in “happy talk” at his daily coronavirus briefings. Trump masterfully upbraided Acosta and CNN when he responded: “This is not happy talk. Maybe it’s happy talk for you. It’s not happy talk for me. We’re talking about death. We’re

Captain Crozier is real-life ‘Mister Roberts’ who put his crew first

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I’m not a military guy, so forgive me if I get this wrong, but three cheers for Captain Crozier! Crozier is the former commanding officer of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, who was relieved of command after he sent a letter seeking to have his crew evacuated following an outbreak of coronavirus on

Dr. Birx politely sets record straight: You can still shop; just use common sense

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Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who questioned the validity of Dr. Deborah Birx advising Americans to stay out of grocery stores and pharmacies for two weeks. I’ve experienced higher than usual traffic on my weekend post about Birx, with a number of skeptical queries on search engines leading people to my headline: “Did Dr.