Liberal Leland Vittert tries to ambush Darrell Issa on Fox News

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Liberal Leland Vittert must be Paul Ryan’s favorite Fake News host on Fox News since he goes after President Trump every chance he gets. On Saturday, Feb. 15, Vittert used an interview with former Congressman Darrell Issa to smear Trump, the Border Patrol, and Issa — all in 7 minutes. The interview followed another Fox

WATCH: Democrat says Iowa voters just too white to give a damn

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OMG the Democrat meltdown in Iowa just keeps getting worse. In addition to the technical glitches that embarrassed Democrats worldwide, they are trying to pin the blame on Iowa in their latest effort to alienate voters. Democrat consultant Zerlina Maxwell told Craig Melvin on MSNBC that the low Democrat turnout in Iowa was because “white

FLASHBACK: Changing the rules on refugees …

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(Here’s a column I wrote for the Daily Inter Lake on April 10, 2016, about the influx of Syrian refugees under the Obama administration’s policy of giving the middle finger to middle America. It was candidate Donald Trump’s opposition to these kinds of policies that got him elected. Pay special attention to the words of

Homan defends ICE, says Democrats are now a ‘hate group’

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Tom Homan, the former acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is rapidly becoming one of my favorite common-sense conservatives. He fights back against the radical left narrative that America is a racist country and is a true patriot. On Monday, Homan was a guest on “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News to discuss

VIDEO: Savage beating in Minneapolis gets no media attention. Guess why?

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This story says it all about why our nation needed a truth teller like Donald Trump to become our president. For the most part, the mainstream media are not going to tell you what happened outside Target Field in Minneapolis on August 3 when a man was savagely beaten by a dozen other men after

Mitt Romney and his trained monkey Mike Lee fight Trump on border security. IDIOTS!

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Politics as usual, thy name is Mitt Romney! Of course, we already knew that, but now the junior carpetbagger, er, I mean senator, from Utah has corrupted his senior colleague — Mike Lee — into joining the ranks of the Swamp Dwellers of D.C. Together, these morons are working to take away one of the

My RCP column: How Democrats undermine our democracy with open borders

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My column today at Real Clear Politics pushes back against the Democrats for their strategy of devaluing citizenship in our republic by removing the adjective “illegal” from in front of “immigrant.” I also theorize that President Trump is fighting back intuitively by calling out “AOC Plus Three” and using their open borders argument against them

SCOTUS victory caps one of Trump’s best weeks ever!

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Who knew that the Supreme Court would wake from its summer slumber to come to the aid of their country, but that’s just what happened on Friday afternoon. Five justices of the court said the Trump administration can go ahead and start spending $2.5 billion in Defense Dept. funds to build part of the southern

Trump fights courts, globalists to keep our borders intact

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The federal socialist resistance continues to fight President Trump on common-sense immigration reform, as witnessed by the idiot judge in California who single-handedly halted the administration’s new asylum policy. Meanwhile, the president and his team continue to try to use creative policy innovations to protect us not just from illegal immigration but also from the

Fighting back against the America-hating speech police!

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Leave it to a John Nolte at Breitbart to come up with the perfect way to frame President Trump’s feud with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow radical Democrats. In his column today, he wrote “Trump’s bold truth-telling about ‘The Squad” makes free speech great again.” You know the back story. President Trump tweeted that the