Fake News Media colludes with Democrats to cover up national emergency on southern border

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If we needed more evidence (we don’t) that the Fake News Media is a left-wing filter of information whose (sole?) purpose is destroying Trump, we got it in spades on Wednesday when Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen testified before the House Homeland Security Committee. Nielsen was called to explain the president’s declaration of a national

From now on, it’s Never Coulter! ’Nuff said?

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I didn’t like Ann Coulter before I did like her but now I really don’t like her. Sound familiar? Probably lots of conservatives have followed the same path as me when it comes to Coulter. First of all, her arrogant self-importance is bound to grate on the nerves of anyone with a human-sized ego. No

Carpe diem: President Trump proves he’s ‘more presidential than anyone’

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The Democrats don’t like it, but President Trump is living up to one more promise. No, I’m not talking about his promise to build the wall, but rather his promise to be “more presidential than any president that’s held this office” with the exception of “the late, great Abraham Lincoln.” That probably should have made

Montana GOP leader asks state to pay its fair share for The Wall

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Montana shares a 545-mile long border with Canada, so we know something about border security, but it’s the border with Mexico that has Montanans like other Americans concerned about our future. That’s why it was nice to wake up this morning and find a front-page story in my old newspaper the Daily Inter Lake headlined

Pat Buchanan exhorts Trump: Declare an emergency

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It was nearly three decades ago when Pat Buchanan stood athwart history and said “Stop” to the powerful political forces working to transform the United States into a nation ripped from its historical, religious and cultural moorings and set adrift on a sea of globalism. Sadly his long-shot candidacy for president in 1992 was a