Trump fires IC inspector general who gave green light to Ukraine scam

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The left-wing media and the Democratic impeachment mob went crazy Friday when they found out that President Trump had fired Michael Atkinson, the insubordinate and none-too-smart inspector general for the Intelligence Community who green-lighted the Ukrainian impeachment hoax. Atkinson got the report from the fake whistleblower Eric Ciaramella and released it to Adam “Shifty” Schiff

Bullock thinks Montana will forget his anti-gun agenda… Not likely!

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Gov. Steve Bullock told Montana for months that he had no interest in being a U.S. senator. Then when Far Left Democrat Chuck Schumer came a-calling, Bullock discovered he was capable of going back on his word, which made him well qualified for Senate after all. Meanwhile Bullock’s anti-gun agenda that was left over from

Bullock caught ‘between a lie and a hard place’ as he ponders Senate run

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If Gov. Steve Bullock succumbs to pressure and runs for Senate against Sen. Steve Daines in Montana, he will find himself caught between a lie and a hard place. Bullock has sworn up and down the cable news lineup that he won’t run for Senate, hell no, but after being wooed by Sen. Chuck “Pay

Chuck Schumer threatens Supreme Court justices; yep, he’s a Marxist thug!

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If you still didn’t want to believe that Democrats are dangerous ideologues, just listen to what Sen. Chuck Schumer said about Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch today. Talking about the Supreme Court hearing an abortion-related case, Schumer threatened the justices with language that we usually associate with criminal gangs or Marxist thugs:

Outrageous! Elizabeth Warren still lying about being fired for being pregnant!

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Did she really go there? At Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in South Carolina, Elizabeth Warren must have been having vapors when she brought up her completely debunked fake life experience of being fired for being pregnant. I’ll admit I was fading off to sleep when Warren brought up being fired as a teacher, reciting the

A cure for Swamp sickness: Send Dr. Ronny Jackson to Congress!

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I am so delighted to discover that Dr. Ronny Jackson is running for Congress in the 13th District in Texas. Jackson, you will remember, was President Trump’s White House physician and his pick to be the secretary of Veterans Affairs until he was scurrilously attacked by my home-state senator, Jon Tester, as a drunk, a

Impeachment doesn’t have to be political sham; here’s a better way

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(Adam Schiff may have unwittingly done the country a great favor. By running a completely political impeachment, he exposed the weakness of the process currently used to remove a president. In an age of 24/7 cable coverage, the right of the accused to a fair trial cannot be guaranteed unless the House collects evidence in

What do Pete Buttigieg and Lindsey Graham have in common? It ain’t pretty!

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In my new column at Real Clear Politics, I take on both “Sneaky Pete” Buttigieg and Lindsey “Flimflam” Graham as symbols of politics as usual. Who the hell are they really? We may never know, but we know we can’t trust them. Sneaky Pete, Flimflam Graham and the Sad State of Politics ‌By Frank Miele

Adam Milhous Schiff: the Nixonian parallels to Trump’s Grand Inquisitor

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If you think Adam Schiff is dangerous now, just imagine if his Machiavellian personality were in the White House instead of Congress. My new column at Real Clear Politics looks at the similarities between Shifty Schiff and Tricky Dick. Adam Milhous Schiff: Is There a Nixon in the House? ‌By Frank Miele Has anyone else

WATCH: ‘Liberated’ Pelosi comes unhinged after Trump acquittal!

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Nancy Pelosi used her regular Thursday morning press conference to continue her irregular attack on the president of the United States. She insulted the president and his millions of supporters, said the president knows nothing about prayer and faith, and labeled his State of the Union address as a “Manifesto of Mistruths.” If I didn’t