No more Vietnams: Why Trump’s Syria policy makes sense in the heartland

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Listening to Sen. Lindsey Graham threaten President Trump over his Syria policy inspired me to finally work through the complicated issues surrounding use of American military power, and by the end I was firmly in the president’s camp. What the hell is wrong with Graham and these other senators who insist that American soldiers should

‘A Declaration of Due Process’: Trump fights back against the Swamp

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My column at Real Clear Politics today celebrates President Trump’s decision to put a roadblock in front of the runaway congressional impeachment train. If the Declaration of Independence was a rebuke against a reckless king who had abused his power, the letter written by White House Attorney Pat Cipollone to Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a

Did Rep. Ilhan Omar join anti-Trump riot in Minneapolis?

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The most interesting story you won’t read about in the left-wing Corrupt Media today is the allegation that Rep. Ilhan Omar was present at the anti-Trump riot in her home district of Minneapolis on Thursday. The Gateway Pundit has published video evidence that shows a woman who looks extraordinarily like Omar at the protest, which

It’s war — and it’s long overdue — but Trump didn’t start it!

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The New York Times put out a story yesterday that said “White House declares war on impeachment inquiry.” At first, I thought “Damn right! It’s about time!” But when I pondered it a little more, I realized that the Times as usual had it wrong. The White House wasn’t declaring war; it was just finally

WATCH! Elizabeth Warren’s house of lies is finally collapsing

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The Democrats are delusional. We all know that, but what if their mass delusion were boiled down and concentrated into one person? What if that person were willing to say or do anything in order to breathe life into disproven dangerous dogmas that feed the Democratic delusion? What if that person were so divorced from

Herridge, Davis expose Democrat whistleblower deceptions

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While the left-wing media are busy parroting anti-Trump propaganda, a few journalists have unearthed damaging evidence that the Democrats are running a deceptive and duplicitous campaign against Trump. Sean Davis was the first one to discover that the whistleblower complaint form had been revised to allow second-hand complaints to be submitted — and that the

When can we arrest the coup plotters? Can’t happen soon enough!

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The more you learn about the brazen Deep State coup plot against President Trump, the more you have to wonder how they can get away with it! Everything about this coup is transparent and out in the open, and yet the corrupt news media like Svengali has somehow hypnotized the public and convinced them that

Washington Post promotes conspiracy theory about Ukraine call; we debunk it

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The Washington Post is promoting a far-left conspiracy theory that somehow President Trump is covering up a missing 20 minutes of transcript from his call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. Forget about the no doubt intentional parallel to the 18 1/2 minute gap on the Nixon White House tapes. Forget about the fact that cutting 2/3

A politically motivated impeachment is no laughing matter (hint: it’s a coup)

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One week ago I had no idea I would be writing about impeachment, but the Democrats appear bound and determined to ride an express train to the end of the line — as long as President Trump is strapped to the front of the locomotive. In my column for Real Clear Politics today, I warn

Giuliani, Miller beat back the Fake News impeachment gang

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After reviewing the Sunday morning “news” shows, there is one thing that is obvious — the media is a willing partner in the attempted coup against President Trump. Every “news” personality who did interviews for ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and yes even FOX engaged in the same tactic — see no Biden, hear no Biden,