Trump: Crowd at press conference is ‘peaceful protest’ against Fake News

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President Trump is smarter than the average politician — by a country mile! Tonight, Aug. 7, 2020, he held an impromptu press conference at his Bedminster Golf Club to talk about his plan to sign executive orders to respond to the COVID economic crisis. In a winning strategy that he ought to repeat at every

Facebook, Twitter interfere in U.S. election again — will FBI investigate?

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How sad! We the American people live in a country that is becoming the latest incarnation of Soviet style censorship! The Russians were rightly criticized for buying ads on Facebook to skew the 2016 election, but those ads had virtually no impact. But now Facebook itself — along with Twitter — has decided that they

RIP Herman Cain: An American original (with a smile)

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Herman Cain has fallen victim to the Wuhan virus, silencing a champion of American greatness prematurely at the age of 74. Cain was a true American original, following the Horatio Alger path from rags to riches. He grew up poor in Atlanta, but put himself through Morehouse College with a degree in mathematics in 1967

Please bring back duels so AG Barr can get justice from lying Jerry Nadler

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If there were ever any doubts about the evil intentions of Democrats, those doubts evaporated in the opening statement of Rep. Jerry Nadler today as he scurrilously attacked Attorney General Bill Barr before the House Judiciary Committee. If we still had legal duels in this country, you know that Barr would have walked to the

WTH! Stupid Dems try to smear Trump for not wearing mask in his own hotel!

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Really!?!! The Washington Post put its crack editorial team on the breaking news story that President Trump was spotted in the lobby of the Trump International Hotel on Monday without (shudder!!!) a mask! Turns out he was holding a fundraiser for Madison Cawthorn, the 24-year-old wheelchair-bound rising GOP star who is running for Rep. Mark

‘Fake News’ Neil Cavuto practices medicine without a license; fire his ass

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If you thought you could count on Neil Cavuto to keep his mouth shut about things he doesn’t know anything about, you were wrong. Cavuto earned his place in the “Five Worst Hosts on Fox” when I awarded those honors last June. Since then there have been some departures (sayonara, Shep!) and some additions (Leland

The Other ‘Unmasking’: Media Exposes Its Fake Outrage

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My blood boiled last week when CBS reporter Weijia Jiang falsely accused President Trump of engaging in a “global competition” over the coronavirus. Trump rightly told her to “ask China” about the virus that they unleashed on the world. Worst of all was Chinese-American Jiang’s theatrical suggestion that Trump was a racist because he told

Trump Under Attack: A Tiny Virus Further Sickens the Fevered Media Mob

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My new column at Real Clear Politics takes a look at how coronavirus is changing society in many ways, and concludes that the Fake News Media is just getting worse in its feverish hatred of President Trump and the truth. Last week, they even tried to kneecap Dr. Fauci. The words of Joseph Welch are

Does media have right to weaken US national security? Newsweek thinks so

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Whether it’s the New York Times, CNN or Newsweek, the corrupt media think they have the right to weaken national security by publishing military secrets. Newsweek’s recent report on military contingency plans in event of a breakdown of order during the coronavirus crisis was just the latest case of a journalist arrogating to himself the

Flashback: Remember when Jim Acosta was banned from the WH Press Room? Ah, the good old days!

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Jim Acosta was his usual pompous self on Friday when he accused President Trump of engaging in “happy talk” at his daily coronavirus briefings. Trump masterfully upbraided Acosta and CNN when he responded: “This is not happy talk. Maybe it’s happy talk for you. It’s not happy talk for me. We’re talking about death. We’re