President Trump plays Br’er Rabbit to the Fake News Media

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Remember that time the Fake News Media got the best of Donald Trump? Neither do I — because it has never happened! With all the skill and cunning of Br’er Fox, the Fake News Media has tried to set yet another trap for Donald Trump with its WhistleblowerGate coverage, but the president never seems to

Chris Cuomo outed as Fake News clown by Mayor Giuliani … he’s ignorant of basic facts in Ukrainian story and shilling for the Democrats

Deep State coupElection 2020Politics – Down and DirtyThe Media Mess

No surprise to my readers that CNN is fake news, but you rarely see the evidence so blatantly obvious as when Chris Cuomo admitted he had never seen the widely publicized video of Vice President Joe Biden telling an anecdote about how he bribed the president of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who just happened

Whistleblower charade is just latest Deep State attack on Trump

Deep State coupPolitics – Down and Dirty

The latest outrage from the anti-Trump coup conspiracy is one of the worst and most blatantly fake — namely, this supposed “whistleblower” who was so upset by something President Trump supposedly said to some foreign head of state. This one really rankles me, and if I find out the whistleblower is former national security adviser