Opinion editor writes stunning rebuke of New York Times on way out the door

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Bari Weiss has written a masterful “j’accuse” against her former employer, The New York Times, where (she writes) “standing up for principle … does not win plaudits. It puts a target on your back.” Weiss does not share many of the same ideas as me and other conservatives. Her “centrism” is well to the left

Debunking Mueller, Pelosi and Schiff lies about Roger Stone

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When the Crypt Keeper Robert Mueller showed signs of life this weekend, it must have shocked everyone who watched his performance last July before the House Judiciary Committee. As I wrote at that time, Mueller showed no evidence of being aware of his surroundings, let alone the facts of the Phony Russia Collusion case against

We need more Tucker Carlsons and way fewer Duckworths and Omars

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Tucker Carlson has taken a page out of President Trump’s playbook — he has started telling the truth about Democrats (and Republican hacks) for their witless surrender of our country to the radical left mob. This started in late May when the antifa and BLM mobs started tearing down statues and burning buildings. Back in

Trump right again: The statue destroyers don’t know what they are doing

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On Friday night, President Trump delivered his brilliant and history-making speech at Mount Rushmore in defense of Western Civilization. Among the many memorable lines were these: “Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children. Angry mobs are trying to tear down

FLASHBACK: Why aren’t they tearing down MLK statues?

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(This column was originally posted more than a year ago on May 26, 2019, but it could have been written yesterday. We have watched left-wing protesters tear down statues of our American heroes like Washington and Jefferson because they were flawed human beings, yet there seems to be a double standard. No one on the

Trump is our Lincoln: This nation ‘shall not perish from the earth.’

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Democrats think of President Trump the same way they thought of Abraham Lincoln — as a dangerous demagogue who will divide the country. Just listen to the rhetoric used by the left about Trump’s historic speech at Mount Rushmore on July 3. The New York Times called it “dark and divisive.” CNN says it was

‘We Digitized the Mob’: My new column at RCP

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If you’re not scared by what is happening to free speech, then you may have already surrendered to the mob. My new column at Real Clear Politics looks at how hard it is to resist a digital mob that can destroy lives in a matter of minutes, and concludes there may be few heroes who

Roberts betrays nation again by blocking Trump’s DACA repeal

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Chief Justice John Roberts may be the most dangerous man in America. His willingness to toss out the Constitution in order to protect liberal ideologies and agendas certainly makes him the worst chief justice in history. He started down that road by siding with the court’s four liberal justices to protect Obamacare despite it’s obviously

The left made the mess! Don’t enable them by cleaning it up for them!

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Leftist theoretician Saul Alinsky said to make your enemy live up to his own book of rules. As the radicals try to dismantle the police, we conservatives need to stop enabling them by trying to clean up their mess! Let them live with the wreckage of their cities and die in their unpoliced “autonomous zones.”

Victor Davis Hanson puts our traitor generals in the stockade

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Leave it to Victor Davis Hanson to use his terrible swift sword of reason to cut to the quick the traitorous admirals and generals who stuck a knife in the back of President Trump last week. The latest essay by Hanson, as published in the New York Post, is called “Basic rules for generals who