Supreme Court case pits Montana mom against the anti-religion Left

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My little corner of Montana just took center stage in a major battle for religious freedom. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments Wednesday in the case of Kendra Espinoza, a Kalispell, Montana, mother, and other plaintiffs who say the state unfairly tried to cut them out of a scholarship program for private K-12

Heartland Diary USA welcomes new readers!

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It’s been a period of tremendous growth for the Heartland Diary USA website, so I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and say thanks for all the support. was begun in October 2018 with a few loyal readers, and has grown to almost 7,500 readers today. That includes more than 6,000

FYI: I am no longer an Amazon Associate, but still have books for sale

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I wanted to let all my readers know that Amazon has removed my status as an Amazon Associate and has closed my Amazon storefront. Apparently, I violated Amazon rules by asking my readers to bookmark my Amazon storefront. I wanted to thank all of you who visited my storefront or clicked on my associate links

Emergency Plan B: Be prepared to abandon Facebook and Twitter and learn to Parler

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The social media giants like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are desperate to steer their users leftward into a world where everyone thinks alike and no dissent is allowed. I’ve been targeted by all three of those giants at least once. Facebook suspended my posting privileges for a week. YouTube has banned one of my videos.

Happy anniversary to Heartland Diary USA! This IS MAGA country!

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A milestone passed quietly this week, but I wanted to take a moment now to thank my readers. It’s been one year since I started the political blog at, and I can’t say it’s been boring! A few of you have been there from the start, and we’ve added a lot of new friends

Heartland Diary tops 5,000 followers on Twitter in nine months with pro-Trump message!

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Another milestone for Heartland Diary USA as our Twitter account @HeartlandDiary passed 5,000 followers on Tuesday less than nine months after our first Tweet was posted in October 2018. Thanks to the incredible MAGA community on Twitter for your tireless support of our great president and for supporting each other. I wouldn’t be here without

Countdown Deal: ‘Why We Needed Trump’

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To celebrate the publication of “The Media Matrix,” my exposé of the Fake News Media, all three volumes of the “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy are available as ebooks at a deep discount for the next week. Check out all of my books on my Amazon Author’s Page. Here’s how the Countdown Deal works on