Trump thanks Sen. Daines for help passing Great American Outdoors Act

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Sen. Steve Daines, Republican senator from Montana, got a big boost for his re-election campaign today when President Trump signed the Great American Outdoors Act. This is going to be one of the greatest accomplishments of Donald Trump’s presidency, and may jolt some moderate Democrats into realizing Trump is not the evil Destroyer described by

Tech Check 2: Why are Facebook users 77 times more likely to open a link than Twitter users? Help me find out

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I need my readers to engage in an experiment with me to find out whether Twitter is somehow monkeying with my stats at Every time I post a column at this site, I can monitor engagement by using WordPress stats. That includes the ability to tell whether readers came to my site from a

Join me at Pachyderm Club on Friday in Kalispell

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Just a brief note to let my readers know that I will be speaking to the Glacier Country Pachyderm Club in Kalispell on Friday, July 17, at noon. Note that this meeting will be held at the Red Lion Hotel rather than the usual meeting site at Sykes. I’ll be introducing my new collection of

Censorship for Dummies: Banning books doesn’t alter reality

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I took a week off from national politics to devote my column at Real Clear Politics to chiding the small-minded folks of an Alaskan school board who decided to ban classics of American literature from the classroom. If you expect today’s high school students to be tomorrow’s informed voters, it’s best to expose them to

What does it say about us if a stupid virus has eclipsed everything else that matters?

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I keep seeing the coronavirus out of the corner of my eye. It’s always just out of sight or blurry, never quite in focus. Does it have any power of its own? Or just what we have given it? Here’s one of my preliminary essays trying to make sense of the vast changes that a

HELP! I need pro-Trump Patriots to subscribe to my YouTube channel

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I launched the Heartland Diary USA Channel on YouTube in July 2019 to help promote “News Every Conservative Can Use.” Now I need to ask for your help promoting my channel! All the work I do at and on my YouTube channel is self-supporting. I don’t charge any subscription fees, but get back a

Exciting news for Flathead GOP: Charlie Kirk in Kalispell on March 14

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I’ve learned from Rudy Koestner that the Flathead County Republican Central Committee will bring Charlie Kirk — one of the leading Trump supporters in the nation — to Kalispell for a special appearance on Saturday, March 14. Kirk will talk about his new book “The MAGA Doctrine: The Only Ideas That Will Win the Future”

Supreme Court case pits Montana mom against the anti-religion Left

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My little corner of Montana just took center stage in a major battle for religious freedom. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments Wednesday in the case of Kendra Espinoza, a Kalispell, Montana, mother, and other plaintiffs who say the state unfairly tried to cut them out of a scholarship program for private K-12

Heartland Diary USA welcomes new readers!

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It’s been a period of tremendous growth for the Heartland Diary USA website, so I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and say thanks for all the support. was begun in October 2018 with a few loyal readers, and has grown to almost 7,500 readers today. That includes more than 6,000