Great News: Shepard Smith out at Fox News (WATCH!)

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Shepard Smith, the embedded Fake News journalist at Fox News, did all conservatives a favor today when he announced he is leaving the cable news giant. No word yet on whether this was Smith’s reaction to being called out by prime-time star Tucker Carlson as a partisan, but it has grown increasingly uncomfortable for the

2020 Preview: Far-left protest turns ugly outside Trump rally (VIDEO)

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While President Trump was delivering a brilliant speech at the Target Center in Minneapolis, far-left protesters were resorting to violence and intimidation outside. In addition to surrounding Trump supporters and threatening police, the far-left crazies also built a bonfire out of MAGA caps and other pro-America paraphernalia. Supposedly, the hats had been stolen from Those

WhistleblowerGate is Deep State coup in plain sight

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If you could pick your political opponents, President Trump could have done no better than to pick the bumbling Keystone Spooks in the misnamed U.S. “Intelligence” Community. It’s like watching a “Pink Panther” film festival, with Brennan, Clapper and Comey all vying for the role of the clueless Inspector Clouseau. It appears they left all

It’s war — and it’s long overdue — but Trump didn’t start it!

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The New York Times put out a story yesterday that said “White House declares war on impeachment inquiry.” At first, I thought “Damn right! It’s about time!” But when I pondered it a little more, I realized that the Times as usual had it wrong. The White House wasn’t declaring war; it was just finally

Big Media circles the wagons to protect Fake News Chuck Todd

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I wrote about Sen. Ron Johnson fighting back against Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” and praised Johnson for not surrendering to the insults and hectoring of Todd. At the time, I knew that the left wing media was celebrating Todd for his rudeness and smug superiority, but I just didn’t want to take the

WATCH! Elizabeth Warren’s house of lies is finally collapsing

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The Democrats are delusional. We all know that, but what if their mass delusion were boiled down and concentrated into one person? What if that person were willing to say or do anything in order to breathe life into disproven dangerous dogmas that feed the Democratic delusion? What if that person were so divorced from

WATCH: Sen. Ron Johnson destroys Chuck Todd on ‘Meet the Press’

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The number of Republican senators who can be relied upon to support our great Republican president can be counted on one hand most weeks. At this point, I’m going to name Ted Cruz of Texas and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has been a strong supporter on some issues and a

The ‘incurious press’ can’t find a Biden scandal in plain sight! SAD!

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No surprise that the national media is going all-out to destroy Trump, but the true proof they are corrupt is their indifference to the Biden scandal. I lay out the facts in my new column today, also available at Real Clear Politics. The Curious Case of the Incurious Press By Frank Miele Back in the

Herridge, Davis expose Democrat whistleblower deceptions

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While the left-wing media are busy parroting anti-Trump propaganda, a few journalists have unearthed damaging evidence that the Democrats are running a deceptive and duplicitous campaign against Trump. Sean Davis was the first one to discover that the whistleblower complaint form had been revised to allow second-hand complaints to be submitted — and that the

Fox News goes full-tilt left and celebrates reporter for harassing Trump

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I’ve already written about the horrible Leland Vittert embarrassing Fox News on Saturday mornings. Now we can add Eric Shawn to the list. I don’t know why Fox News thinks the best way to thank its viewers for making it the No. 1 cable news network is to spit in our faces, but that seems