Maria Bartiromo is the last best hope for honest news on TV

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Week after week, Maria Bartiromo provides the straight news on her daily Fox Business show and on her “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News. She never settles for the official story, but digs behind and isn’t afraid to place blame on the politicians who are playing games with American money and American lives. This Sunday,

Trump tees off on ‘very dishonest’ media at coronavirus update

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Thursday’s update from the Coronavirus Task Force included two notable instances of President Trump dressing down the Fake News Media. In the first instance, MSNBC reporter Kristen Welker tried to ambush the president by asking him to tell Americans when the virus crisis would be over. Trump could have told her, “Silly rabbit! Trix are

Health care isn’t a human right; it’s a service we should not take for granted

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There are lots of stories about health care these days, but most of them revolve around coronavirus. My new column at Real Clear Politics looks at health care from a more philosophical point of view. It’s important to remember anyone can get sick. It’s part of the human condition, but since when did anyone owe

No way GOP loses if it comes down to Bernie vs. Biden

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My Monday column predicting the state of the Democratic Party after Super Tuesday proved to be less than prescient. I had anticipated a less substantial win for Joe Biden in South Carolina, and certainly expected one-time leader Pete Buttigieg, one-time debate winner Amy Klobuchar, and one-time pandering oligarch Tom Steyer to remain in the race

A cure for Swamp sickness: Send Dr. Ronny Jackson to Congress!

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I am so delighted to discover that Dr. Ronny Jackson is running for Congress in the 13th District in Texas. Jackson, you will remember, was President Trump’s White House physician and his pick to be the secretary of Veterans Affairs until he was scurrilously attacked by my home-state senator, Jon Tester, as a drunk, a

Chris Matthews gives blow-by-blow commentary on Democrat debate bloodbath

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Plenty of heavyweight championship fights have been fought in Las Vegas over the years. Leave it to an old-time political pro like Chris Matthews to turn the Nevada Democratic Presidential Debate into a title fight that left the stage in a pool of blood. MSNBC hosted the debate, so you know everything swung left, and

What do Pete Buttigieg and Lindsey Graham have in common? It ain’t pretty!

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In my new column at Real Clear Politics, I take on both “Sneaky Pete” Buttigieg and Lindsey “Flimflam” Graham as symbols of politics as usual. Who the hell are they really? We may never know, but we know we can’t trust them. Sneaky Pete, Flimflam Graham and the Sad State of Politics ‌By Frank Miele

Liberal Leland Vittert tries to ambush Darrell Issa on Fox News

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Liberal Leland Vittert must be Paul Ryan’s favorite Fake News host on Fox News since he goes after President Trump every chance he gets. On Saturday, Feb. 15, Vittert used an interview with former Congressman Darrell Issa to smear Trump, the Border Patrol, and Issa — all in 7 minutes. The interview followed another Fox

Whatever happened to Creepy Joe?

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You remember the old horror movie about two creepy old ladies played by Bette Davis and Joan Crawford where you are never sure which one is creepier? It was called “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” and it told the story of two washed-up, has-been actresses who are caught between their memories of the halcyon days

Trump drives hater Demo rats crazy by booting Vindman, saving Stone

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Post-impeachment Trump is driving Democrats and their media flunkies crazy by doubling down in his war against the swamp. First, he dumped NSC whistleblower/leaker Alex Vindman from the White House and sent him and his twin brother back to the Pentagon. The anti-American press and Democrat Party went crazy. They expected President Trump to keep