My RCP column: How Democrats undermine our democracy with open borders

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My column today at Real Clear Politics pushes back against the Democrats for their strategy of devaluing citizenship in our republic by removing the adjective “illegal” from in front of “immigrant.” I also theorize that President Trump is fighting back intuitively by calling out “AOC Plus Three” and using their open borders argument against them

CNN ‘infested’ with Fake Outrage over Trump tweets

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CNN host Victor Blackwell may have just set a new low in smearing President Trump with the most inane liberal argument yet conceived — although one has to admit that CNN is “infested” with inane arguments. The president today tweeted that Rep. Elijah Cummings ought to stop attacking the Border Patrol for conditions in detention

SCOTUS victory caps one of Trump’s best weeks ever!

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Who knew that the Supreme Court would wake from its summer slumber to come to the aid of their country, but that’s just what happened on Friday afternoon. Five justices of the court said the Trump administration can go ahead and start spending $2.5 billion in Defense Dept. funds to build part of the southern

Mueller gets schooled in U.S. Law 101 by Rep. Turner — no such thing as exoneration!

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I’ve never heard of Rep. Mike Turner before today, but the Ohio congressman is now forever in my pantheon of heroes for his takedown of Robert Mueller as an unprincipled political hack. Turner began his question if Mueller before the House Intel Committee by asking the special counsel about his assertion in the report that

Bob Mueller Gump doesn’t know what Fusion GPS is! What a maroon!

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OMG! Bob Mueller just inadvertently exposed himself as a doddering fool who has no idea what he is talking about. Asked by Rep. Steve Chabot whether the unnamed firm in the report “that produced the Steele reporting” was Fusion GPS, Mueller said, and I quote, “I’m not familiar with that.” Say what? Mueller must be

Bob Mueller says it publicly: No Russian conspiracy with Trump campaign!

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Wait a minute! Didn’t Robert Mueller just say in his opening statement that there was no evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign could be charged with working with the Russians to subvert our election? “… the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government in its election

Slavery reparations: An idea whose time will never come

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We are just a week away from the next Democrat debates — this time in Detroit. Is there any chance that CNN won’t pander to the black audience there by asking a question about slavery reparations? Of course, the candidates won’t need any help pandering. My column at Real Clear Politics this week explains just

Chris Wallace brings shame to Fox News while Stephen Miller defends America

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Fox News used to brand itself as “fair and balanced.” Nowadays that is as laughable as CNN calling itself “the most trusted name in news.” President Trump called out the weekend anchors on Fox a few weeks ago for their blatantly anti-conservative schtick, which is virtually indistinguishable from the Fake News bias on CNN and

Trump vs. the Socialist Squad = Landslide for Trump

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After watching the first of the Sunday morning shows, I have to hand it to President Trump. With his denunciation of the Four Congresswomen of the Democratic Apocalypse, the President has somehow managed to turn the entire Democrat Party into the seven little anti-American dwarves. Like the 16 Republicans he vanquished in 2015-1016, they still

Ironically, NY Times is messenger of hope for Trump voters

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In most things, I have no use for the New York Times, but on Election Night 2016, the Times was the only place I could go for hope. While the TV pundits were gleefully predicting a Hillary Clinton victory, the Times was cautiously ticking its prediction needle surprisingly close to an even race. The exit