Trump vs. the Socialist Squad = Landslide for Trump

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After watching the first of the Sunday morning shows, I have to hand it to President Trump. With his denunciation of the Four Congresswomen of the Democratic Apocalypse, the President has somehow managed to turn the entire Democrat Party into the seven little anti-American dwarves. Like the 16 Republicans he vanquished in 2015-1016, they still

Ironically, NY Times is messenger of hope for Trump voters

Election 2020Politics – Down and DirtyThe Media Mess

In most things, I have no use for the New York Times, but on Election Night 2016, the Times was the only place I could go for hope. While the TV pundits were gleefully predicting a Hillary Clinton victory, the Times was cautiously ticking its prediction needle surprisingly close to an even race. The exit

Thanks, Twitter, for making America laugh again at clueless James Comey!

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Say what you will about Twitter’s faults, which are many (Where is @realJamesWoods?), but one of the great things about the platform is that you can be reaffirmed instantly that you are not alone if you love America! This is especially important for conservatives, who are told by mainstream media 24/7 that they are racist,

Planned Parenthood is bellwether of Dems’ radical decline

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The era of the kinder, gentler Planned Parenthood is over. If you blinked, you missed it. On Tuesday, we found out that Leana Wen was forced out as president of the “abortion rights” lobbying giant just eight months after taking over. It seems that she had been determined to de-emphasize lobbying and re-emphasize what the

Trump is on track to ‘liberate’ America once and for all

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Two columns from opposite ends of the political spectrum today show that President Trump is close to accomplishing the greatest one-man war of liberation in history since Simon Bolivar threw off the chains in South America. From the right, we get Conrad Black’s essay at the National Review titled “The Trump Steamroller.” From the left

Fighting back against the America-hating speech police!

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Leave it to a John Nolte at Breitbart to come up with the perfect way to frame President Trump’s feud with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow radical Democrats. In his column today, he wrote “Trump’s bold truth-telling about ‘The Squad” makes free speech great again.” You know the back story. President Trump tweeted that the

Trump deal with Guatemala could be winning move in asylum battle

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Although there’s still no wall between Mexico and the USA, President Trump’s team is continuing to show much more creativity about solving the immigration crisis than any other president since Eisenhower. Currently on the drawing board, according to an unexpected piece of reporting from the New Yorker, is a plan that would send future asylum

Rush Limbaugh cites column by Heartland Diary’s Frank Miele on ‘America Last’ Dems

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I was minding my own business today when suddenly my phone started ringing. People wanted me to know that Rush Limbaugh was reading quotes from my new column about the Democratic debates and how the Democrats had embarked on a suicide mission by taking the side of illegal immigrants over American voters. Sure enough, when