September 11: Tell the story to your children and grandchildren; never let anyone forget

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On the anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, I always want to look back and remind myself of what this country has been through, and to strengthen me for what is still to come. Here is a column I wrote in the Daily Inter Lake to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the terror

CNN puts lives at risk to feed its anti-Trump narrative

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Unbelievably reckless reporting from CNN has put in danger the lives of a Russian defector and his wife. Either that, or it has put in danger the last shred of credibility that CNN had as a news organization. CNN’s Jim Sciutto on Monday reported that the CIA had in 2017 extracted a high level covert

Fox News allows Leland Vittert to commit journalistic malfeasance in ambush interview with Trump trade adviser

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When President Trump called out Fox News weekend hosts Arthel Neville and Leland Vittert in March, I was blissfully ignorant of this malignant duo. Trump asked whether they had been trained at CNN. Probably not! Probably just about any journalism school in America could produce similarly left-wing biased reporters. Were @FoxNews weekend anchors, @ArthelNeville and

Ratcliffe out as DNI; will Deep State sneak in its own candidate?

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Color me disappointed. I knew when I wrote a post complimenting the president for his choice of John Ratcliffe for the position of Director of National Intelligence that the long knives of the Deep State would be out for outsider Ratcliffe, but I had hope the Republicans would rally to this great candidate and shepherd

Trump fights courts, globalists to keep our borders intact

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The federal socialist resistance continues to fight President Trump on common-sense immigration reform, as witnessed by the idiot judge in California who single-handedly halted the administration’s new asylum policy. Meanwhile, the president and his team continue to try to use creative policy innovations to protect us not just from illegal immigration but also from the

Trump deal with Guatemala could be winning move in asylum battle

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Although there’s still no wall between Mexico and the USA, President Trump’s team is continuing to show much more creativity about solving the immigration crisis than any other president since Eisenhower. Currently on the drawing board, according to an unexpected piece of reporting from the New Yorker, is a plan that would send future asylum

Trump makes history while his opponents make trouble

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I stayed up late last night to watch a great president make history in North Korea. I woke up early to watch a pack of Democrat jackals nip at his heels. I eagerly await 2020 to watch the Republican president kick the jackals into oblivion. The president’s spontaneous decision to invite himself to a meeting

Chris Christie: ‘Rogue’ FBI investigation of President Trump is more evidence Trump has been right all along

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Chris Christie has a checkered past as far as supporting President Trump, but his instincts are generally good and he knows politics as well as anyone. I was happy to hear Christie, former governor of New Jersey, advising President Trump on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” to “embrace” the New York Times report that the

Liberals, repeat after me: “God help us, Trump is right!”

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