MSNBC host Brian Williams joins House impeachment team! (No, really!!!)

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Brian Williams got fired from MSNBC once for embellishing the truth (he lied repeatedly) and today he burnished his reputation as a liar by completely misstating the arguments of the Trump defense team at the Senate impeachment trial. In summarizing the three main points of the White House lawyers, Williams actually made it sound like

Anti-Trump book accidentally tells truth: Trump IS a genius!

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If you want to measure the divide between supporters of Donald Trump and the media class, you could use as your touchstone the new book “A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of America.” The very title drips with sarcasm, but for those of us who “get” President Trump, the joke is on authors

Mayor Pete, AP lead Charge of the Lightweight Brigade

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The belated Iranian confession to the murder of 176 people aboard a Ukrainian airliner gives us an opportunity to assess the foolishness of the self-flagellating anti-American political establishment in our own country. Remember that a few hours after Iran launched a missile strike against US forces in Iraq, the Ukrainian airliner crashed shortly after takeoff.

A good night’s sleep = a war deferred and a president vindicated

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Last night when I posted in the midst of the Iranian missile attack on our troops in Iraq, it seemed inevitable that the US must respond in kind — with a barrage of missiles aimed at Iranian military targets. I suspect that President Trump felt the same way, yet this morning Trump announced that the

Iran makes fatal mistake, launches missiles against US troops

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Wow! Talk about a world-class blunder! Iran has launched missile strikes against U.S. troops in Iraq in response for the death of Iraqi terrorist Qassem Soleimani. They apparently think all US presidents are as feckless as Jimmy Carter, who stood idly by in 1979 when Tehran’s Islamic terrorists took US Embassy personnel hostage. Well, they

Fox News has anti-American goon reporting from Mideast

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I’ve been chronicling the leftward tilt of Fox News for many months. That includes Chris Wallace, Shep Smith (fortunately now gone ), and Leland Vittert. It also includes RINO Congressman Paul Ryan, who was put on the board of Fox News last year to presumably encourage more anti-Trump reporting. But perhaps the most audacious example

Schiff covering up the CIA plot against Trump, but for how long?

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Longtime readers of this column know that I was reporting on questions about the legitimacy of the whistleblower complaint against President Trump from the start. Now it looks like Republican members of Congress are trying to find out whether the system was rigged against Trump. Reporter Sara Carter interviewed Rep. Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence

Trump stands up against terrorism while liberals cower in a corner

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The liberal hissyfit over President Trump ordering the fatal attack on Qassem Soleimani would be laughable were it not so hypocritical, unpatriotic and dangerous. It is hypocritical because President Obama repeatedly launched drone attacks on terrorists, including the American Anwar Al-Awlaki without the Far Left uttering a peep of criticism. It is unpatriotic because Soleimani

‘Tehran Rose’ McGowan commits treason by tweet

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I woke up this morning and the first headline I saw on my phone was this: “Actress Rose McGowan has apologized to Iran for Soleimani’s killing, says Americans are being ‘held hostage by terrorist regime.’” Here’s the full text of her treasonous tweet about the death of Iranian terrorist Qassem Soleimani in a drone attack

Fox News needs to fire smartass Leland Vittert now

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How long will it take for Fox News to admit that Leland Vittert is a loud-mouthed, snickering, sniveling know-it-all who embodies all the worst elements of Fake News inside his well-coiffed head? It would be a shame to see this once estimable news operation brought to its knees by one preening peacock, but it is