Montana Republicans show RINO Tim Fox the door

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Thank goodness Montana Republicans did not select RINO attorney general Tim Fox to run for governor in November. Fox is a big supporter of the sham Salish-Kootenai Water Compact, and he let Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock off the hook for destroying the emails his office created when he ended his term as attorney general in

Yep, mail ballots can be sitting ducks for fraud or tampering

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When President Trump warned against the potential for fraud caused by left-wing governors ordering all-mail elections, he was laughed at by the know-it-all media. Fraud could never happen with mail ballots, we were told. But the evidence says otherwise. Even Rep. Jerry Nadler, the Trump impeachment manager, was on tape saying “Paper ballots are extremely

‘Trump exposes Twitter’s political agenda’: My column from Real Clear Politics

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President Trump challenged the unbridled power of Twitter last week, and for good cause — the social media giant has taken off its mask and revealed the 800-pound far-left troll that it really is. Here’s my analysis from Real Clear Politics. Did Twitter Fact-Check Trump — or Conformity-Check Him? By Frank Miele News flash for

Flashback video: Thugs in Minneapolis are nothing new

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‪I’m saddened to watch the descent of Minneapolis into mob rule. When I lived in North Dakota 40 years ago Minneapolis was our “big city,” and it was a delightful place where even we North Dakotans could feel safe. The death of George Floyd while in police custody was a disgusting abuse of the man’s

Chris Wallace + Jonah Goldberg = The End of Fox News

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I have written about the horrific self-importance of Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace before, and I have written about the fake conservatism of talking head Jonah Goldberg before, but when these two guys get together, it’s a frothy mess of self-congratulatory Never Trumpism that makes you want to wash down your television with extra-strength

To get justice, Trump must name special counsel — or two!

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The national media has had its hands full recently. They not only have had to spread lies about President Trump like usual, but now they have gone in full coverup mode for “Burisma Joe” Biden. Since Trump can’t count on Republicans or the Justice Department to get to the bottom of the Russian Hoax, it

‘Fake News’ Neil Cavuto practices medicine without a license; fire his ass

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If you thought you could count on Neil Cavuto to keep his mouth shut about things he doesn’t know anything about, you were wrong. Cavuto earned his place in the “Five Worst Hosts on Fox” when I awarded those honors last June. Since then there have been some departures (sayonara, Shep!) and some additions (Leland

What is Lindsey Graham up to? Can we trust him?

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Did you hear the news? Sen. Lindsey Graham is supposedly ready to investigate Russiagate and has set a vote for June 4 on the Senate Judiciary Committee to decide whether to subpoena documents and testimony from more than 50 government officials. My guess is that Graham’s butt was hurting from being slapped by Fox News

The Other ‘Unmasking’: Media Exposes Its Fake Outrage

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My blood boiled last week when CBS reporter Weijia Jiang falsely accused President Trump of engaging in a “global competition” over the coronavirus. Trump rightly told her to “ask China” about the virus that they unleashed on the world. Worst of all was Chinese-American Jiang’s theatrical suggestion that Trump was a racist because he told

Trump dismantling Deep State while media distracted by COVID-19

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has been unrolling like a prairie fire, President Trump and his allies have been able to accomplish a great deal to restore health to the body politic. Trump has been focused on the health crisis, as he should be, but it has not distracted him from his original mandate to “drain