Apt symbol: Ten Commandments monument toppled as country descends into chaos

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The Ten Commandments monument in Kalispell is part of a “cornerstones of law” display outside the old County Courthouse. When it was toppled this weekend, it was an apt symbol of the nation’s descent into chaos and lawlessness in the last two months. A ne’er-do-well named Craig Weimer has been arrested for wrapping a chain

‘We Digitized the Mob’: My new column at RCP

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If you’re not scared by what is happening to free speech, then you may have already surrendered to the mob. My new column at Real Clear Politics looks at how hard it is to resist a digital mob that can destroy lives in a matter of minutes, and concludes there may be few heroes who

How you sold your freedom for a little (fake) information

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This week’s column at Real Clear Politics is a warning about the danger of informational orthodoxy to liberty and free thought. Google, Facebook and the mainstream media have come to represent the threat of Big Brother in “1984” and the “Enemies of Freedom” envisioned by Aldous Huxley. How do we take back our country? Big

FLASHBACK: Donald Trump, Huxley and the ‘Enemies of Freedom’

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: In a week when Google, Facebook and Twitter all attacked free speech, it is worth revisiting a column I wrote in 2017 about Aldous Huxley’s warning against the propaganda machine he envisioned as one of the greatest “Enemies of Freedom.” I’ll update this concern in my column Monday at Real Clear Politics. BTW,

Roberts betrays nation again by blocking Trump’s DACA repeal

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Chief Justice John Roberts may be the most dangerous man in America. His willingness to toss out the Constitution in order to protect liberal ideologies and agendas certainly makes him the worst chief justice in history. He started down that road by siding with the court’s four liberal justices to protect Obamacare despite it’s obviously

FLASHBACK: ‘John Roberts: Worst chief justice ever?’

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: I speculated in 2015 that John Roberts might be the worst chief justice ever. After Roberts’ ruling today to forbid presidents from rescinding executive orders, we can remove the question mark. Look for this essay in my forthcoming book, “How We Got Here: The Left’s Assault on the Constitution.”) John Roberts: Worst chief

Scumbag traitor Bolton leaks his slimy book to NY Times

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Disgraced National Security Adviser John Bolton has been sued by the Department of Justice to halt release of his tell-all book about the Trump administration because it contains classified information. But that didn’t stop sleazeball Bolton. He just pulled a James Comey and leaked the book to the New York Times. Comey, of course, famously

FLASHBACK: My first column on candidate Trump and the escalator ride into history

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: This column first appeared in the Daily Inter Lake on Aug. 2, 2015. It was my first column about candidate Donald Trump and was the first of many columns I wrote exposing the lies that the Fake News Media were promoting about Trump. Although it appeared about six weeks after Trump’s famous escalator

The left made the mess! Don’t enable them by cleaning it up for them!

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Leftist theoretician Saul Alinsky said to make your enemy live up to his own book of rules. As the radicals try to dismantle the police, we conservatives need to stop enabling them by trying to clean up their mess! Let them live with the wreckage of their cities and die in their unpoliced “autonomous zones.”

UPDATE: Gen. Vallely goes after military officers with ‘the wrong stuff’

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I posted yesterday about Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely’s decision to call for the resignation of Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, over Milley’s insubordinate rebuke of President Trump. Today, Vallely doubles down. In an op-ed co-authored with Brig. Gen. Charles Jones, Vallely wrote about “The Wrong Stuff Versus the Right