Sunday morning talk shows promote #fakenews about Trump

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I’ve been watching the Sunday morning news talk shows as I have pretty much every week since 1967, and I have to say I am disgusted. Virtually every show has claimed that President Trump has been ignoring the brilliant economy and focusing on illegal immigration in his “closing argument” to voters — suggesting that he

Trump rocks Belgrade to support Rosendale for Senate

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President a Trump returned to Montana for a record fourth time to support Matt Rosendale for Senate. The Bozeman International Airport at Belgrade hosted thousands of supporters who came to hear Trump deliver a fiery speech. AP reporter Darlene Superville seemed shocked that Trump said he was eager to unseat Sen. Jon Tester (see story)

Coming Monday: Stick with your party on Tuesday and you can’t go far wrong

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Teaser to my Monday column at Voting for the person no longer makes sense in an era where party bosses make all the decisions. I argue that you should vote for the candidate whose party best represents your principles, or else be prepared to be disappointed time and time again. I especially focus on

Trump owes Ryan an apology? Puh-leeze! Ryan owes nation an apology!

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Morning laugh courtesy of www.the, which reported that “President Trump’s stunning attack on Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Wednesday is being interpreted by many on Capitol Hill as an attempt to deflect blame and throw the retiring Speaker under the bus should the GOP lose its House majority next week.” That is wrong on

Trump signals plan to end birthright citizenship

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Big news this morning, as President Trump announced in an interview with Axios that he intends to end birthright citizenship via an executive order. This raises lots of questions, which I won’t try to address in this post, but suffice it to say that there will be constitutional challenges raised. The 14th Amendment was interpreted

My first column on Real Clear Politics is now available

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Hi friends: My first column for Real Clear Politics is now available! The topic is the border caravan (yes it is still headed inexorably toward our border despite intervening tragedies and news) and why it qualifies as a national emergency. Here’s the start. Please follow the link to Real Clear Politics to read the rest,

First- (and second-) hand observations from the Don Jr. rally in Kalispell

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Well, I thought I would have more first-hand observations about Donald Trump Jr’s Kalispell rally in support of Senate candidate Matt Rosendale and Rep. Greg Gianforte, but life intervened and I missed the entire rally except for the National Anthem (sung remarkably well by three local girls accompanied by a fourth on violin) and Trump’s

NBC does the impossible and makes Megyn Kelly a sympathetic figure!

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Megyn Kelly has few friends left among conservatives after her abysmal performance in the first GOP presidential debate when she tried (unsuccessfully!) to ambush Donald Trump, but leave it to NBC to make Kelly a sympathetic figure by crucifying her on a cross of political correctness. Kelly naively defended blackface being used in Halloween costumes,

Huge story suggests worst smear against Kavanaugh was known to be false all along

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John Nolte breaks down the bombshell admission by NBC that they withheld exculpatory evidence that cleared Justice Kavanaugh of the outrageous rape claim publicized by the Creepy Porn Lawyer, Michael Avenatti. Julie Swetnick disowned the story and basically said it was Avenatti’s idea all along. Great job by Breitbart! Shoddy work by NBC!