Former man is spokesperson for 2020 Women’s March. Why?

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Nothing surprises me anymore, but watching CNN’s coverage of the 2020 Women’s March in Washington, D.C., did leave me shaking my head in disbelief. As Christi Paul began her coverage of the march on “CNN Newsroom,” she announced that she was talking to a member of the march’s board named Isa Noyola. As I watched

Climate kids’ goofy lawsuit tossed out ‘reluctantly’ by 9th Circuit

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Even when you win, you lose. At least that’s the way it feels when you read the judges’ comments in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to throw out the lawsuit of 21 children who wanted to reverse hundreds of years of progress and send the United States into a new Dark Age because

O’Keefe exposes the communist thuggery behind Bernie Sanders

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Every time James O’Keefe releases a new video, it is like you are getting a God’s-eye view of the interior life of Democrats — and it ain’t pretty. (NOTE: Democrat expletives included below!) O’Keefe runs Project Veritas, which specializes in obtaining undercover video footage of liberals telling the truth — something they don’t do if

ICYMI: Dems unveil next step in plan to let illegal aliens vote

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Democrats claim they want to protect the legitimacy of our elections, but at the same time they are doing everything in their power to de-legitimize them. The latest example comes from New York State, where the Democratic Senate has passed legislation which would automatically register as voters all residents who obtain driver’s licenses through the

‘Tehran Rose’ McGowan commits treason by tweet

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I woke up this morning and the first headline I saw on my phone was this: “Actress Rose McGowan has apologized to Iran for Soleimani’s killing, says Americans are being ‘held hostage by terrorist regime.’” Here’s the full text of her treasonous tweet about the death of Iranian terrorist Qassem Soleimani in a drone attack

Why are Dems against making sure elections are fair?

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Has anyone ever figured out why Democrats think that keeping an accurate record of registered voters is a bad thing? What about their horror at asking voters to prove who they are before allowing them to vote? To anyone with a healthy respect for logic and law, those are fundamental pillars of fair elections. But

Banning Pete Hegseth for terrorism is the Left’s way of saying Shut Up!

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Well, it’s happened again. Another conservative has been banned from a Twitter for posting an inconvenient truth. This time it was Pete Hegseth, the weekend co-host from “Fox & Friends.” He had the audacity to tweet part of the anti-American hate-filled online manifesto of the Saudi terrorist who killed three people in a terrorist attack

FYI: I am no longer an Amazon Associate, but still have books for sale

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I wanted to let all my readers know that Amazon has removed my status as an Amazon Associate and has closed my Amazon storefront. Apparently, I violated Amazon rules by asking my readers to bookmark my Amazon storefront. I wanted to thank all of you who visited my storefront or clicked on my associate links

Andy Ngo roughed up by the online thought police; who’s next?

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Didn’t Twitter recently announce that it was getting out of politics? Oh wait, that was just political advertising. Turns out that Twitter is still into politics — bigly! And virulently against conservatives, Republicans, Trump, Christians, anyone to the right of FDR. The latest victim of the Twitter thought police was Andy Ngo, the brave journalist

Anonymous & the Whistleblower vs. Trump and the Deplorables

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My column at Real Clear Politics today shows how the anti-Trump Resistance, typified by the anonymous author of “A Warning,” follows the pattern set out by a French author in 1928 in “The Treason of the Intellectuals.” It’s the entrenched bureaucracy against the rest of us. “What a tangled web they weaved, when the Deep