One book ended slavery; can one film end abortion?

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There are many things to write about every day, but there is one that deserves to be written about every day that we rarely talk about — abortion. Unfortunately, in our society abortion is considered as normal and acceptable as ripping the heart out of a living human being was to the ancient Aztecs. It

Tucker Carlson does humanity proud! Not everyone on TV is dumb as a rock!

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Tucker Carlson’s show Monday night on Fox needs to be burned on a titanium disc and put in a time capsule. It was that good. Heck, it ought to be shot into space as evidence for far-away alien civilizations that no matter how stupid people appear to be if you watch CNN or MSNBC, that

‘Who is Ayn Rand?’ The woman who can stop the motor of the Green New Deal

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I came late to “Atlas Shrugged,” but once I opened my mind to its cadence of socialist catastrophe and capitalist resurrection, I realized that author Ayn Rand had perfectly imagined the world I lived in — the world of looters and political correctness and vacuous intellectuals that we all live in. So it was easy

Can we justify comparing a young socialist today to a young Hitler 100 years ago?

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My column today at Real Clear Politics compares Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Stalin, and her Green New Deal to his five-year plans that left millions dead. Stalin isn’t off-limits to those looking for historical comparisons, but for some reason Adolf Hitler generally is. Of course no one is saying that Ocasio-Cortez is either Stalin or Hitler.

Green New Deal is a 10-year countdown to death and despair — unless we kill it first!

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Here’s my column today at Real Clear Politics on the danger of the Green New Deal and the woman assigned to sell it to us — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I usually omit the ending in order to steer my readers over to RCP, but in this case I’m running the full column in order not to

The Recurring Question: ‘What About Education?’ (New at RCP)

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People who care about our culture can’t stop thinking about how to save our culture. It’s not just about American exceptionalism either. We are the point of the spear, but the spear was tossed centuries ago. You either honor our responsibility to pass the wisdom of the ages forward to the next generation, or you

First they came for Laura Loomer, but when will they come for you?

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I had never heard of Laura Loomer until Twitter banned her because she is a Jewish activist who raised questions about the anti-Semitic statements of newly elected Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Probably most of you hadn’t heard of her either, but now thanks to the persecution of Loomer by Twitter and its left-wing CEO Jack

Jussie Smollett is Nancy Pelosi without the gavel

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“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett told Chicago Police that on Jan. 29 he was attacked in the early morning hours by two white men shouting pro-Trump slogans as they beat him because he was black and gay. Chicago Police took this report very seriously and expended no doubt hundreds of thousands of dollars on an investigation

Portrait of the USA as a circular firing squad

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I found three timely articles online today which set the stage perfectly for my column Monday on the dangers (and fatuousness) of identity politics. The three articles illustrate in separate instances how identity politics turns the United States into a circular firing squad where there is no winner, but only the last dead man (or

The last real liberal in America calls out Dems for anti-Semitic bigotry

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Attorney Alan Dershowitz has proven himself to be a man of principle time and time again. He has argued against impeachment, for instance, even though he opposes President Trump on many of his policies and proposals. For Dershowitz, the law and the Constitution are No. 1. Today, Dershowitz published an essay asking, “Is Rashida Tlaib