Dr. Birx politely sets record straight: You can still shop; just use common sense

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Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who questioned the validity of Dr. Deborah Birx advising Americans to stay out of grocery stores and pharmacies for two weeks. I’ve experienced higher than usual traffic on my weekend post about Birx, with a number of skeptical queries on search engines leading people to my headline: “Did Dr.

Trish Regan’s last stand: The left silences another conservative

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Coronavirus hasn’t changed everything. For instance, the radical left is still trying to silence the voices of conservatives in the media. In March, they claimed an important scalp when they convinced Fox Business to fire Trish Regan for telling the truth about how Democrats are playing politics with the virus crisis. Here’s my look at

Did Dr. Birx really tell people not to shop for food or go to drug stores?

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Since Saturday’s Coronavirus Task Force update, the mainstream media has been drumming home the idea that Dr. Deborah Birx has told Americans not to go grocery shopping or visit the pharmacy for the next two weeks. Well, I watched the press conference, too, and I know that if you write Birx’s words down on paper,

Sen. Rubio schools Stephanie Ruhle on national security and Chinese propaganda

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I’ve often warned conservative politicians about the foolhardiness of consenting to interviews with the “Enemedia” like CNN and MSNBC. Usually they get their head handed to them, but Sen. Marco Rubio went into the lion’s den Friday, and came out of it intact. In an interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, Rubio was able to survive

Jim Acosta gets slapped down by Trump for ‘nasty, snarky question’

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President Trump decided to give CNN’s Jim Acosta one more chance to be a journalist on Monday, March 30, 2020, but Acosta failed miserably. “Go ahead. Let’s give it a shot,” the president said to Acosta when he called on him at the coronavirus press conference. But as soon as Acosta opened his mouth, it

We have nothing to fear but the MSM itself. How infuriating!

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Just when you thought the mainstream media couldn’t sink any lower, along comes coronavirus to prove you wrong. President Trump is doing everything possible to give people hope and to overcome what he calls the “invisible enemy,” but the MSM is just as great an enemy as the virus itself. In case anyone believed the

The stupidest tweet you will ever read!

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Wow, I had no idea Joe Lockhart was a raving lunatic! After all, he worked as communications director for Bill Clinton (you remember? the last moderate Democrat?) and he always seemed like a nice normal guy. Oh how wrong I was! I had the misfortune to see a tweet by Mr. Lockhart today which proved

Look for my column on coronavirus fearmongering tomorrow!

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I finished my column on coronavirus and the mainstream media today and submitted it to Real Clear Politics for use in my usual Monday slot. But the editors decided it was timely enough that it should run right away, so it will appear sometime tomorrow at Real Clear Politics. As usual, I will also publish

What does it say about us if a stupid virus has eclipsed everything else that matters?

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I keep seeing the coronavirus out of the corner of my eye. It’s always just out of sight or blurry, never quite in focus. Does it have any power of its own? Or just what we have given it? Here’s one of my preliminary essays trying to make sense of the vast changes that a

A nation of whiners: Is this the best we can do in a crisis?

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I’m glad that most of the Greatest Generation of World War II has passed away by now so that they do not have to witness the nation of whiners we have become! Watching the Sunday morning talk shows today has been an exercise in gastric restraint as nearly every minute one of the guests or