Fake News is now old news, and that’s a scary story

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When it comes to Brett Kavanaugh, there are two kinds of journalists — the ones who hate him and will do anything to destroy him and the ones who are fair. The problem, of course, is that the fair ones can only sit idly by while the haters run the red light of journalistic ethics

President Trump destroys the radical left in four minutes!

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The tone-deaf left doesn’t understand why conservative Americans have chosen President Donald Trump as our leader. It’s easy — because he is the only politician who consistently and courageously calls out the radical left for their assault in American freedoms and on common sense. Four minutes of President Trump’s rally speech in Rio Rancho, NM,

The ‘faith-based’ politics of supporting Donald Trump [Today’s column at Real Clear Politics]

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My column today at Real Clear Politics hits on a theme I have pondered for a while — why am I and so many others confident of Trump’s re-election when the polls all have him down by 10 points even against a lightweight like Beto O’Rourke? Maybe it all comes down to faith in the

Justice Kavanaugh smeared by New York Times again; he should sue the pants off them

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The Fake News Media won’t give up in smearing conservatives. The question now is when will America give up on the Fake News Media? This morning we woke up to the outrageous story from the New York Times that the FBI didn’t investigate yet another sexual assault allegation against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This the equivalent

VIDEO: Savage beating in Minneapolis gets no media attention. Guess why?

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This story says it all about why our nation needed a truth teller like Donald Trump to become our president. For the most part, the mainstream media are not going to tell you what happened outside Target Field in Minneapolis on August 3 when a man was savagely beaten by a dozen other men after

CNN puts lives at risk to feed its anti-Trump narrative

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Unbelievably reckless reporting from CNN has put in danger the lives of a Russian defector and his wife. Either that, or it has put in danger the last shred of credibility that CNN had as a news organization. CNN’s Jim Sciutto on Monday reported that the CIA had in 2017 extracted a high level covert

In Media War, It’s Trump vs. the Black Knight

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Another week, another full-frontal assault on President Trump by the Fake News Media. Over the last few weeks we rapidly bounced from Russian collusion to racism to recession, but last week we graduated from the R’s to the S’s as the media tried to skewer Trump with a Sharpie. Ridiculous. Meanwhile, the president keeps fighting

VIDEO: Trump’s Hurricane Dorian reporting vindicated … Sweet Home Alabama!

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Call this Crossfire Hurricane 2. Like the original Crossfire Hurricane, which was the effort by the FBI to frame President Trump for Russia collusion with fake evidence and lies, CH2 also relied on lies and “suspicions.” Crossfire Hurricane 2 is my name for the nearly weeklong assault on President Trump by the national media because

[WATCH] Summer of Winning or ‘Summer of Whining’: The media vs. Trump

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While I was working on Monday’s column for Real Clear Politics, which focuses on Trump’s war with the Fake News Media, I came across an interesting skirmish between the Washington Post and the White House over the president’s success this summer. Most people probably didn’t notice, but the White House put out a snappy video

Whoopi Goldberg crushes new Hollywood blacklist of conservatives [VIDEO]

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The pendulum is swinging hard right in Hollywood, and it couldn’t happen soon enough. No, of course, the Coastal Elites of California didn’t suddenly disown communism, but they are at least starting to realize that they don’t have cart blanche to destroy lives of the people they despise. Maybe. I wrote earlier about how “Will