Opinion editor writes stunning rebuke of New York Times on way out the door

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Bari Weiss has written a masterful “j’accuse” against her former employer, The New York Times, where (she writes) “standing up for principle … does not win plaudits. It puts a target on your back.” Weiss does not share many of the same ideas as me and other conservatives. Her “centrism” is well to the left

Hooray! Trump saves Roger Stone’s life! Dems explode!

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Wow! President Trump pulled the trigger and commuted Roger Stone’s prison sentence Friday, thus forcing the justice system to accept justice against its will. He obviously did it without any regard for his own well-being too — because he will be condemned by corrupt left-wing media scumbags relentlessly for the next hundred-something days before the

Trump is our Lincoln: This nation ‘shall not perish from the earth.’

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Democrats think of President Trump the same way they thought of Abraham Lincoln — as a dangerous demagogue who will divide the country. Just listen to the rhetoric used by the left about Trump’s historic speech at Mount Rushmore on July 3. The New York Times called it “dark and divisive.” CNN says it was

How you sold your freedom for a little (fake) information

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This week’s column at Real Clear Politics is a warning about the danger of informational orthodoxy to liberty and free thought. Google, Facebook and the mainstream media have come to represent the threat of Big Brother in “1984” and the “Enemies of Freedom” envisioned by Aldous Huxley. How do we take back our country? Big

FLASHBACK: Donald Trump, Huxley and the ‘Enemies of Freedom’

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: In a week when Google, Facebook and Twitter all attacked free speech, it is worth revisiting a column I wrote in 2017 about Aldous Huxley’s warning against the propaganda machine he envisioned as one of the greatest “Enemies of Freedom.” I’ll update this concern in my column Monday at Real Clear Politics. BTW,

Scumbag traitor Bolton leaks his slimy book to NY Times

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Disgraced National Security Adviser John Bolton has been sued by the Department of Justice to halt release of his tell-all book about the Trump administration because it contains classified information. But that didn’t stop sleazeball Bolton. He just pulled a James Comey and leaked the book to the New York Times. Comey, of course, famously

Now playing in America’s cities: ‘Lord of the Flies’ 2.0

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What should have been a unifying moment as all Americans condemned the murder of George Floyd instead became a terrifying reminder how close we are to tribalism and chaos. My column this week at Real Clear Politics points out the similarity of America’s current power struggle to the allegory of “Lord of the Flies” and

Tucker Carlson is modern-day Cassandra warning of the enemy within

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As America teeters on the brink of collapse, there seems to be only one voice shouting out a warning that the enemy is not only closing in but has actually breached the gates. Tucker Carlson, the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News Channel, has become a modern-day Cassandra, the character from Greek mythology

Rosenstein testifies; mainstream media asks ‘What is truth?’

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So Rod Rosenstein has begun his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, but the nation’s attention is firmly directed elsewhere. Yes, Fox News is showing the testimony (for how long?) but CNN and MSNBC are proudly ignoring it. No doubt the civil unrest surrounding the George Floyd case provides convenient cover for the left-wing news

‘Trump exposes Twitter’s political agenda’: My column from Real Clear Politics

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President Trump challenged the unbridled power of Twitter last week, and for good cause — the social media giant has taken off its mask and revealed the 800-pound far-left troll that it really is. Here’s my analysis from Real Clear Politics. Did Twitter Fact-Check Trump — or Conformity-Check Him? By Frank Miele News flash for