Sorry, Tucker, you didn’t need insider knowledge to foresee a virus crisis

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Tucker Carlson of Fox News has been doing the dirty work of the Fake News Media this week, creating a false narrative to make it look like US senators betrayed the trust of the nation during the coronavirus crisis. As you know, I generally hold Carlson in the highest esteem, but he went way off

Trump tees off on ‘very dishonest’ media at coronavirus update

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Thursday’s update from the Coronavirus Task Force included two notable instances of President Trump dressing down the Fake News Media. In the first instance, MSNBC reporter Kristen Welker tried to ambush the president by asking him to tell Americans when the virus crisis would be over. Trump could have told her, “Silly rabbit! Trix are

Toxic Democrat Andrew Gillum found intoxicated in the company of an apparent meth addict. Somebody tell CNN!

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The headline on Drudge was innocuous enough: “Star FL politician found in Miami Beach hotel room with suspected meth.” I figured it was some up and coming mayor or candidate who would be well known to Floridians, but not to the average citizen. Then I clicked on the Drudge headline and discovered the real headline

Chris Matthews is latest liberal victim of political correctness

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Chris Matthews, the grand old man of Democratic political punditry, has been vanquished by the terrible swift sword of political correctness, the scourge of liberals. He announced his retirement from his MSNBC show on Monday night in a three-minute farewell, and then walked off the set. The longtime host of “Hardball” on MSNBC had been

WTH! Never Trump National Review now goes Never Bacon

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Every day I scan the headlines to find the most outrageous, the most ridiculous or the most newsworthy items that may deserve comment from yours truly. Sometimes, I’ll have to look quite a while and nothing seems worth writing about. Other times a story will scream so loud at me that I have to put

Democratic ‘food fight’ in S.C. puts Trump closer to victory

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OMG! What a delightful disintegration of the Democratic Party I witnessed Tuesday night on CBS from South Carolina! It was like watching highlights from “It’s a Mad Mad Mad World!” All that was missing was a pie in the face of Bernie Sanders! (I had prepared a video of one delightful 12 minute segment from

Liberalism is the coronavirus of Fox News

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Mirroring the rapid spread of coronavirus through the world is the spread of liberalism through Fox News. There were isolated cases over the last several years such as Juan Williams and Shepard Smith, but they did not seem contagious. It was not until Paul Ryan arrived in the board of Fox News that we saw

Liberal Leland Vittert tries to ambush Darrell Issa on Fox News

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Liberal Leland Vittert must be Paul Ryan’s favorite Fake News host on Fox News since he goes after President Trump every chance he gets. On Saturday, Feb. 15, Vittert used an interview with former Congressman Darrell Issa to smear Trump, the Border Patrol, and Issa — all in 7 minutes. The interview followed another Fox

Bill Barr needs to put on his Big Boy Pants

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The Justice Department has been in the news more than usual lately, starting with the breaking news Monday that the U.S. attorney had recommended a 7-9 year sentence for Roger Stone on the charge of being arrogant, unflappable, creative and — worst of all — an avid supporter of President Trump. By the wee hours

Jewish leader confronts Rashida Tlaib over anti-semitism, asks where is Schumer!

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A remarkable segment on “Varney & Company” this morning. Dov Hikind, a former NY Democratic assemblyman, talked about confronting Rep. Rashida Tlaib over her blatant anti-semitism. Hikind attended a Muslims for Peace event at Rutgers University in New Jersey when he challenged Tlaib about her hate-filled tweet falsely alleging that Jews had killed a Palestinian