Sunday morning in the tank with George (Stephanopoulos, that is)

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From time to time, I propose to examine the national media’s performance as independent arbiters of the news. This week it’s ABC’s “This Week with Clintonista George Stephanopoulos.” Ahem! The word Clintonista is actually missing from the title, but shouldn’t it be there, considering that the host is really a Democratic operative rather than a

White House backs down in fight with Acosta? Let’s hope not!

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According to “the most trusted name in news,” the White House has surrendered to Jim Acosta and CNN’s lawyers. My advice is wait and see. I suspect the White House knows that Acosta will misbehave again and plans to revoke his press pass after the new rules are in place. This will remove a potential

Jim Acosta and the Hubris of Celebrity Journalism (my column on Real Clear Politics)

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I am particularly proud of this column where I differentiate between community journalism and celebrity journalism (AKA Fake News). Jim Acosta gives all journalists a bad name, but for some reason they stick by his side. It’s time for community journalists to disavow Acosta, CNN, celebrity journalism and #FakeNews. Will it happen? After near 40

Chris Wallace nips at president’s heels, gets kicked across room!

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I know, I know. The headline is politically incorrect. No journalists were actually hurt in the filming of Chris Wallace’s Sunday morning interview with President Trump, but you had to enjoy the president standing his ground against Wallace’s biased questioning. In particular Wallace stubbornly insisted on distorting the president’s attack on #FakeNews as “the enemy

Acosta gets ‘back to work’ undermining the White House

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A Trump-appointed judge today ordered the White House to restore Jim Acosta’s press pass temporarily. No ruling on the merits of the case, but be prepared for the ultimate ruling to go against Trump as well. There is no reason to think that sanity will suddenly be restored to the judiciary any more than to

Kanye, we hardly knew ye (my new column at Real Clear Politics)

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Here’s my latest column from Real Clear Politics, which looks at the cultural phenomenon of Kanye West’s political flirtation with Donald Trump and asks whether we really know what it means yet — or whether it is really over (like the mainstream media tells us it is). ‘Kanye, we hardly knew ye’ By Frank Miele There

Trump owes Ryan an apology? Puh-leeze! Ryan owes nation an apology!

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Morning laugh courtesy of www.the, which reported that “President Trump’s stunning attack on Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Wednesday is being interpreted by many on Capitol Hill as an attempt to deflect blame and throw the retiring Speaker under the bus should the GOP lose its House majority next week.” That is wrong on