Thanks, Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow! You clearly out-lawyered Mueller and the Angry Democrats!

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Sorry. I still can’t bring myself to read in-depth the two main volumes of the Mueller Report — the first on the Russia collusion hoax and the second on the obstruction of justice canard. Why would I want to immerse myself in the disgusting lies of the anti-Trump coup plotters? However, I have read with

Mueller Report is just what we suspected — Democrat talking points in a Cliff’s Notes edition

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Remember when Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi and all those Democrats in the celebrity media were shocked and outraged that Attorney General Barr could reduce a 448-page document down to a 4-page memo in two days? What a superhuman feat that would have been — and since Barr is not superhuman, then his 4-Page memo

Eugene Robinson invented a racist president; here’s how

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Allow me to take a few moments this morning to visit the distasteful subject of the Washington Post — and in particular the self-important musings of Eugene Robinson. His new column was published at the Post under the headline “Trump invented an immigration crisis to further his most consistent goal.” It was reprinted by the

Mueller Report Is Litmus Test for a Divided Society (my new column at RCP)

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Writing a column for Real Clear Politics once a week (and for publication on a Monday) means that my commentary will generally come late in the cycle. I’ll often be preceded by great writers like Victor Davis Hanson or Mark Steyn on the same issues, so I try to develop an original theme for my

In defense of Omar, TV pundits rush in where even fools would fear to tread

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The Sunday morning talk shows all seemed to find time for a segment on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s awful commentary about 9/11, but somehow they also all seemed to find a way to turn it into an attack on President Trump. Who woulda thunk it? The anti-Semitic Omar is the gift that keeps on giving for

Please try to catch Mark Levin’s interview with journalist Lara Logan

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I just caught the rerun of last weekend’s episode of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” in which Mark Levin interviews former “60 Minutes” anchor Lara Logan about the sorry state of journalism today. Everyone who is dismayed about the state of journalism today should watch this interview, which is still available on YouTube. Logan is the