A nation of whiners: Is this the best we can do in a crisis?

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I’m glad that most of the Greatest Generation of World War II has passed away by now so that they do not have to witness the nation of whiners we have become! Watching the Sunday morning talk shows today has been an exercise in gastric restraint as nearly every minute one of the guests or

Media pats itself on back for latest #Unself-FulfillingProphecy

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The whining by the media pundits about how Trump was surprised and embarrassed by Nick Ayers not becoming his new chief of staff was SO predictable! In fact, I predicted it here! The DC #SwampMedia simply create #FakeNews using #FakeSources and then blame Trump when it (surprise!) turns out to be fake! And this morning

Kanye, we hardly knew ye (my new column at Real Clear Politics)

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Here’s my latest column from Real Clear Politics, which looks at the cultural phenomenon of Kanye West’s political flirtation with Donald Trump and asks whether we really know what it means yet — or whether it is really over (like the mainstream media tells us it is). ‘Kanye, we hardly knew ye’ By Frank Miele There