First- (and second-) hand observations from the Don Jr. rally in Kalispell

Well, I thought I would have more first-hand observations about Donald Trump Jr’s Kalispell rally in support of Senate candidate Matt Rosendale and Rep. Greg Gianforte, but life intervened and I missed the entire rally except for the National Anthem (sung remarkably well by three local girls accompanied by a fourth on violin) and Trump’s final exhortation for Montana (presumably Republicans) to get out and vote. The good news is I was able to leave my 8-year-old son at the rally in the care of a friend while I attended to a family emergency.

Huzhao is a pretty experienced political observer, having lived through the heated 2016 presidential campaign, and his conclusion was that Donald Trump Jr. was OK, but Matt Rosendale was great. He will need to repeat that performance for the next week if he hopes to beat Sen. Tester!

One other observation from me: The polls may show that women don’t like President Trump, but don’t tell that to the women of Montana! From what I could see and hear, women were out in force at the local rally and they were definitely among the loudest supporters.

Here’s a link to the Inter Lake’s coverage of the rally:

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