President Trump on the midterms: Never give up!

I just heard that President Trump is doing an election blitz over the next six days when he will hold 11 MAGA rallies in eight states.

Wow! Imagine that — a Republican president who actually fights for what he believes in! Or maybe I should say “A Republican president who actually believes in what he fights for!” (Reminds me more of Winston Churchill than either George Bush! “Never give up!”)

For Montanans the good news is they get to see DJT for the fourth time since July. The president will visit the Bozeman airport in Belgrade this Saturday at 12:30 a.m. if you can make it, here’s the link for tickets:

But if you can’t go or just want to watch all the rallies over the next week, I highly recommend Right Side Broadcasting on YouTube as the best choice. It’s a small but sincere group of conservatives who endeavor to follow the president wherever he goes to capture these remarkable rallies.

They pretty much exist on the basis of donations. Interested? Here’s their link (mobile ’cause I usually watch on my phone).

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