Sunday morning talk shows promote #fakenews about Trump

I’ve been watching the Sunday morning news talk shows as I have pretty much every week since 1967, and I have to say I am disgusted. Virtually every show has claimed that President Trump has been ignoring the brilliant economy and focusing on illegal immigration in his “closing argument” to voters — suggesting that he is running a fear-based campaign instead of a “morning in America” campaign. Wow! Could they be more wrong?! At every rally the president spends a huge amount of time on his accomplishments including the economy. What scares the mainstream media is that Trump is not surrendering to the PC left on immigration, the issue that got him elected. The media elites and their Democratic underlings are terrified that Trump will do it again — rip their Election Night victory out of their hands and leave them crying in their beer. No predictions here, but just a heartfelt wish that the media would turn over a new leaf and somehow leave #fakenews behind.

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