Adios, Jeff!

It’s time to say goodbye and good riddance to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was asked to vacate his office at the Justice Department on Wednesday. #jeffsessions #mueller #potus #russiahoax

It’s a shame that Sessions turned out to be an abysmal failure as AG because he wasn’t half bad as a senator, especially on immigration and border security. But the silence of Jeff Sessions as attorned general in defending President Trump was intolerable. It has been justified by some as him just doing his job. Maybe, but if so, then he had better speak up now since whatever conflict he had is now moot. Failure to do so — to vigorously defend Trump — can only be explained as the result of Sessions himself being compromised somehow.

The debate is underway now about who should succeed Sessions as AG. The only thing that is clear is that it must be someone who will take over supervision of the Mueller probe and not recuse himself! I trust that President Trump will NOT be fooled twice!

Here’s a great column by Gregg Jarrett about the firing of Jeff Sessions:

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