Michael Avenatti is a despicable person; does that qualify him to run for president as a Democrat?

Seems like we are going to have to have attorney Michael Avenatti disturbing the peace every other week with some frivolous lawsuit or scurrilous allegation. This one against Tucker Carlson is a new low and raises the question whether Avenatti was involved in the nighttime home invasion, er, protest at Carlson’s home last week. We now know he has motive. Of course he already had motive before since Carlson is the guy who famously christened Avenatti as Creepy Porn Lawyer. I’m sure a prosecutor will subpoena CPL’s phone records and computers in order to ascertain whether he had means and opportunity to script either of these attacks on Carlson or his family. The fact that Avenatti wants to run for president is staggering. The fact that some Democrats are taking him serious is scary. The fact that he will look right at home among the other “progressives” running for president on the Democrat side is downright amazing. One thing is certain: He would not look right at home on Mount Rushmore! #walkaway


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  1. “Bob Woodward says press has become lazy— that’s one explanation!” There is a lot of laziness to go around. For example, when the reptilian Adam Schiff is showcased on all the bias news shows repeating his re-election talking hopes, “We will be looking into the collusion Trump’s campaign had with the Russians,” “Matt Whitaker MUST RECUSE HIMSELF,” (ALL the Dems came out swinging with that one and very soft voices are fighting back), “the Republican people on the Intel Committee closed us down, but we are seeking truth, justice, and the American way,” “Matt Whitaker MUST RECUSE HIMSELF,” and any divisive points he can come up with, that is bad enough. BUT I hear his lies repeated on Fox and every other news outlet as though what he says is gospel. What they are broadcasting and re-broadcasting is plain and simple: it is unpaid campaign ads and propaganda for the Democrat party under the guise of commentary by Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi, and all the odd people. I know Fox doesn’t want to be accused of “state owned television,” and God forbid they are called a “puppet for Putin,” one of schiff’s cliches he tried out on Tucker Carlson and really uses to shut down debate, but Trump has so many in the media who despise him and have been emboldened to shout it on their programs, that I don’t need to hear a dissenting voice from fox. They have shepherd Smith on his moral high horse and cavuto drank the koolaid and may be playing devil’s advocate but with the liberal press in charge of more air waves than the conservative air waves, it is the repeating of liberal politicians pontificating on their seditious allegations against Trump and his associates that displays laziness. I don’t want to see free advertising for Trump haters replayed on stations whose values do not match these dishonorable Democrat politicians. Laziness is replaying Shiftless Schiff and then having a panel discuss hishdedpucable remarks. No thanks.
    Sincerely, Joe Morrisco

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