WaPo columnist disses Trump for hating the military — OMG!

“The Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong with this one!” That’s what Obiwan Kenobi would have said about Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty, whose piece today was headlined “Does anyone love our military less than President Trump?”

Is that a trick question? Nope, just more insanity in the Mainstream Media.

Easy answer to Tumulty’s query : “The entire Democratic Party lives the military less than Trump.”

Her entire column is so typical of the left. Lies, distortions and fake news.

Turns out for instance that the reason President Trump canceled a planned appearance Saturday at a battleground cemetery in France was not because of the weather as he said, but because he hates the US military and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to snub our dead heroes. Oh yeah. Sometimes I forget Trump is really a comic book villain and not the representative of the American People who elected him as our commander in chief!

The rest of Tumulty’s article is equally asinine — something about how Trump’s desire for a clean election in Florida is a slap in the face to our servicemen. Really??!!

Read her article here if you have a strong constitution:


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