MSM: The ‘beginning of the end’ for Trump? No, really! This time we mean it!

I am so glad I found this video, thanks to a post by @realJamesWoods. Give the buffoons in the mainstream media enough rope and they will hang Donald Trump every time. More than a year’s worth of #bombshell reporting by the MSM about the “walls closing in” and Trump resigning! LOL. Watch this video posted by @PoliticalShort for a great laugh!

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2 Replies to “MSM: The ‘beginning of the end’ for Trump? No, really! This time we mean it!”

  1. Thw walls closing in on President Trump is another constant drumbeat of negative hits president Trump and his associates face every day and every hour. The constant media assault in concert with schiff, shumer, swallwell, over and over again would make lesser men fold. “Recuse!” “Recuse!” Every time Adam Schiff saw a camera he unblinkingly repeated the Democrat mantra. “Must Recuse.” “Cannot be Trump’s puppet.” President Trump finally has someone who knows the law and can withstand the constant barrage of verbal assaults by the unethical Democrats and lazy politicians. The assaults on Mr. Whitaker, all the president’s family members, and any policy Mr. Trump wants to put forward receive a constant barrage of despicable accusations from the dishonorable politicians (Republicans as well as democrats), but are bolstered by the media and biased press. President Trump gets the “resist” and “assault” treatment. All day, every day, hour after hour. The media would love to believe their own press, “The walls are closing in on President Trump.” Good thing he loves a good donneybrook.
    Sincerely, Joe Morrisco

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