Victor Davis Hanson: The best columnist in America

Today’s column by Victor Davis Hanson demonstrates once again why he is indispensable to anyone who hopes to understand the political and cultural disaster that has become 2018 America.

The clarity of “Did 1968 Win The Culture War?” is rare in contemporary political commentary, but typical in the work of Hanson, who is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Here’s the beginning of today’s column by Hanson:

Fifty years ago this year, the ’60s revolution sought to overturn U.S. customs, traditions, ideology and politics.

The ’60s radicals eventually grew older, cut their hair and joined the establishment. Most thought their revolution had fizzled out in the early 1970s without much effect, as Americans returned to “normal.”

But maybe the ’60s, not the silent majority, won out after all. The world a half-century later looks a lot more like 1968 and what followed than what preceded it.

Please read the rest of the column at Investor’s Business Daily, and follow Hanson on a regular basis at

I will be covering some of the same ground as Hanson in my book “How We Got Here,” part of the forthcoming Heartland Diary series. Stay tuned.

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