“Why We Needed Trump: Part 1” (my first book) is now available for Kindle

Exciting news, friends. The first volume in the Heartland Diary series of books is now available as a Kindle eBook and will be available in a paperback edition in the next day or two!

My first project is called “Why We Needed Trump,” and because of its length I needed to divide it into three separate books. Part 1, which is available now, is entitled “Bush’s Global Failure: Half Right.” You can download a sample here that includes my introduction and a foreword by economist Richard L. Spencer, whom I value as a mentor and a friend. Most of the content is columns written for the Daily Inter Lake from 2005 to 2009.

Price for the 245-page trade paperback is set at $17.99. The Kindle version costs $9.99 but is available to subscribers of Kindle Unlimited for free. If you like it, please share a link with your friends and leave a brief review at Amazon! Thanks for all your encouragement over the years about reprinting my columns. Thanks to an agreement with Hagadone Montana Publishing, that is now possible.

Part 2 of “Why We Needed Trump” is subtitled “Obama’s Fundamental Transformation: Far Left.” Look for it on Amazon soon, followed by Part 3: “Trump’s American Vision: Just Right.”

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    1. I debated buying some copies and then selling them autographed off my website, but it seems a bit silly to charge people for defacing their book, doesn’t it?

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