My column at RCP today takes aim at GOP Congress for “same old con game”

Here’s the opening of my new column at Real Clear Politics. Do you ever get tired of being played for a sucker by the Party leadership in Congress? I do.

GOP Congress Renews Same Old Con Game With Voters


Big news over the Thanksgiving holiday was that the House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed James Comey and Loretta Lynch about the 2016 campaign-related probes into Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and, presumably, Russians.

Great news for conservatives, right? But everyone knew right away that the timing was suspicious. The House will turn Democratic after the first of the year, and the chairmanship will be turned over from Republican Bob Goodlatte to Democrat Jerry Nadler. We’ve watched Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein avoid a congressional subpoena for months now, so there is no reason to expect former FBI Director Comey and former Attorney General Lynch will show up for a GOP grilling in the next month. But even if they do, does anyone expect to get the real story after waiting for more than two years?

Of course not. We all remember the fake Benghazi investigation run by the oh-so-disappointing Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., with the fake blessing of the House leadership. Big talk. No action. It’s all a con game by Republican swamp dwellers who want to convince voters they are getting something done while making sure there is no chance of upsetting the apple cart. This gambit smells like the rotten work of phony conservative Paul Ryan, who is ending his term as House speaker with virtually no accomplishments for the Republican agenda.

Here’s the bottom line: If the GOP wants us to believe that it is serious about getting answers, then the subpoenas have to come from the still-to-remain Republican-led Senate and not from the lame-duck House. Attention, Lindsey Graham! If you really have changed your spots and can be counted on to fight for the truth, it’s time to step up.

Read the rest here at Real Clear Politics.

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