Trump fights back! Going on offense gives him a fighting chance against FBI “insurance” policy and Dems’ “impeachment plot”

President Trump went on offense today, giving a no-nonsense interview to Harris Faulkner at Fox News in which he dismissed the fake campaign charges against Michael Cohen as an attempt by the #MuellerWitchHunt to “embarrass” the president and weaken him politically.

Hopefully, this is a sign of a refreshed and newly invigorated Trump in the post-John Kelly era. The #DeepSwampMedia think Trump has jumped the shark, as they always do, but Trump did exactly what he needed to do — respond accurately and incisively to the phony charges being ginned up against him.

Face it, this is all part of Peter Strzok’s FBI “insurance policy” against Trump should he defy the #DeepStateConspiracy that was hatched by the Clintons, FBI and Justice Department to prevent his election.

Trump also tweeted about Cohen today and maintained rightly that the Cohen guilty plea on campaign charges was no more than a political hit job.

At this point, Trump can depend on no one but himself. If the jackals biting at his ankles take him down, then the republic is lost. The Democratic #ImpeachmentPlot is well under way, and I certainly don’t trust the Republicans in Congress to protect either Trump or the Constitution. Do you?

For more background on Fake News, the Deep State, and the collapse of constitutional government, read my “Why We Needed Trump” books.

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