GOP looks to cut own throat with autopsy knife

Well, it looks like the Republican Party is in full suicide mode again!

Or maybe they are dead already? After all why do they have this morbid interest in autopsies?

Yep, the GOP establishment has declared that the party needs to do an “autopsy” to figure out what went wrong in 2018 and how the party can win in 2020. Duh! That’s easy! You sabotaged President Trump at every opportunity and empowered Democrats by letting them set the agenda.

Remember the last GOP autopsy? After Mitt Romney’s pathetic go-along-to-get-along campaign in 2012, the GOP Elites told us the problem was that Romney had scared illegal immigrants. The key to victory in 2016 — we were told by the idiot autopsy crew — was “comprehensive immigration reform” (GOPe code for amnesty). Um no, the key to victory was Donald Trump telling the truth. Build that Wall.

Whatever the GOP establishment tells you by reading the spleen of Jeff Flake or the liver of Bob Corker, it will just be more Never Trump lunacy. It’s Trump at the barricades holding back the darkness. If you don’t want the darkness, you had better support Trump. There’s no one else left.

To learn more about the GOP betrayals, the Deep State and the darkness at the gates, read my “Why We Needed Trump” books that record the surrenders of the Bush administration, the threat of the Obama “fundamental transformation” and the hope of Trump’s American Vision.

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