Maybe Ann Coulter was right… Or: Build the Damn Wall!

The only times I have lost faith in President Trump were on occasions when it seemed like he might be unable to deliver on his central promise to build a border wall.

The first time was after that ill-fated meeting with Chuck and Nancy in September 2017 when it looked like the president was going to cave on DACA in order to get funding for the wall. In a column I titled “Hail to the Thief: Trump Steals the Hope of Conservatives,” I talked about the possibility that Trump had been co-opted by the Deep State. Fortunately the deal with Chuck and Nancy never materialized, but in retrospect I am now starting to think that might have actually been the high-water mark in the Trump strategy to get the wall built.

Today’s column by Eddie Scarry in the Washington Examiner sums up the panic on Team MAGA pretty well. This week is supposed to represent the last best hope conservatives have for Trump getting the wall built, but if anyone has reason for hope, they are certainly not sharing it with me.

The RINOs have abandoned Trump and there is no evidence he is willing to go it alone and do what’s necessary to Build the Damn Wall, so what we get instead is liberal-inspired criminal justice reform in order to put a trophy on Trump’s White House wall.

I’ve criticized Ann Coulter in the past for her unceasing criticism of Trump’s inability to fulfill his central promise, but sadly, Coulter’s prescient pessimism may be coming to fruition this week. I’ll be as happy as anyone if I am proved wrong, but in the meantime I admit I have lost hope.

My book trilogy is titled “Why We Needed Trump” and I stick by that premise. Without Trump the country was doomed, but if I were writing a sequel today, it looks like it might have to be titled “We Needed Trump to Be Trump: Or Why the Wall Never Got Built.” If that proves true, the future for this country looks bleak indeed.

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  1. it just doesn’t make sense. Illegals cost us over $100 BILLION EVERY year due to their (I believe illegal) use of our welfare and educational facilities. A token of $5 billion to continue building the only thing that will keep them out seems a natural

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