Grand champion Fake News prize awarded!

The story by German journalist Claas Relotius entitled “Where They Pray for Trump on Sundays” may be the most blatant example of Fake News yet.

The response at by one of the people erroneously represented in the Der Spiegel story lays out a damning indictment of the reporter for making up quotes, people, events, you name it. Of course it should come as no surprise that a Relotius was CNN’s “Journalist of the Year” in 2014.

SPOILER ALERT: The funny thing is that after proving beyond doubt that a left- wing journalist will say anything to make Trump and the Deplorables look bad, authors Michele Anderson and Jake Krohn show they have not learned anything! Here’s their conclusion about why they object to the story painting their hometown as an intellectual backwater that ought to be declared too stupid to vote:

“You see, we’re definitely not perfect here in Fergus Falls, and many of us feel a lot of responsibility right now, considering that our friends, family and neighbors voted against their own interests in 2016.”

Say what? So after showing the arrogance and Fake News of Der Spiegel, the naive authors from Fergus Falls show they labor under the same ignorant delusion that they are smarter that the rest of us. Oy veh! You can’t make this stuff up (or maybe you can if you are a member of the Dishonest Media)!

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