Is Trump commander in chief or not?

In case you were wondering whether we are a constitutional republic or not, the last three days have answered that question with a booming NO!

It turns out that the president of the United States — the constitutionally authorized commander in chief — is actually beholden to his generals and secretary of defense. At least, that’s what we are led to believe by the despicable letter of resignation authored by Gen. Mattis and the fawning RINOs and Communicrats who are ready to go to war for Mattis — as long as it’s a war against Trump.

Somehow, the advice of generals has now become mandatory rather than suggestions only. Thank God no one told President Lincoln he was supposed to do whatever his idiot generals told him to do! We would be living under Stars and Bars now instead of Stars and Stripes. And if the liberal media has their way, we will be under the thumb of the global military-industrial complex for the rest of our lives. Syria Forever!

I think we may be reaching a climactic point soon in the Deep State’s battle to unseat Trump. For more of my theory that Trump is indeed acting presidential in accord with both the Constitution and the founding principles, look for my column Monday at Real Clear Politics — “George Washington, Donald Trump and a Christmas Wish.”

I also hope you will take a look at my trilogy “Why We Needed Trump,” which is a collection of essays over the last 14 years that sets the stage for how the Deep State, the Dishonest Media and the One-Party Oligarchs have played us for suckers until Trump came along. I know it costs a few bucks, but I can guarantee you it is a damn sight more insightful than anything Tom Friedman ever wrote!

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