Trump tells Resistance leader Mattis to take a hike

Good news this morning. President Trump tweeted out that he has asked Gen. Mattis to vacate his office at the Pentagon next week instead of waiting till February.

Hopefully Trump also pulled out the old favorite and asked “Mad Dog” not to let the door hit him in the butt on the way out! No reason to leave Mattis in place to do more damage now that he has exposed himself as a Never Trumper.

By the way did anyone else notice the use of the code word “malign” in Mattis’s resignation letter? That word was used in the anonymous NY Times op-ed that claimed to be written by a member of the Resistance inside the Trump administration. At the time, people said “malign” pointed to Pence as the author because he had used the word previously. But how more suspicious is it for Mattis to consciously pick the word in his Resistance Resignation letter? I think it’s his way of claiming authorship of the Anonymous op-ed.

In his tweet, Trump named the “very talented Deputy Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan” as Acting Secretary of Defense starting January 1, 2019. I’ve never heard of him, so have no opinion on how well he will carry out the agenda of the commander in chief, but I am certain of one thing: He can’t do any worse than Mad Dog Mattis.

By the way, to read more about the Deep State’s lobbying efforts in favor of continuous war, read the first two volumes of “Why We Needed Trump.” I support war on terrorists but not nation building. It may have been worth a try, but it is not worth sacrificing our own country.

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  1. I have never trusted Mattis. Within the first month he was in I thought Trump should dispose of him. I’m glad he finally has.

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