Who is the rat? Cohen or Steele?

Breaking news today that investigators have traced Michael Cohen’s phone to Prague in the Czech Republic in late 2016.

Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer (now dubbed The Rat since aiding and abetting the Mueller Witch Hunt), has denied ever visiting the Czech Republic, but according to a new report by McClatchy, his phone has.

The Daily Mail ran a follow up article speculating that Cohen’s phone could have been cloned in order to plant false evidence against Trump. Of course, Cohen was placed in Prague by the discredited Steele Dossier that was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. Christopher Steele is a British spy who created the Russia Collusion narrative in order to take down Trump either before or after the 3016 election.

There is no independent evidence that Cohen was in Prague, but if the Daily Mail is correct that cloning a cell phone is easily accomplished, then it sounds like just the thing for the FBI cabal to use to implement its “insurance policy” just in case Trump defied the odds and beat Hillary. Yes, Michael Cohen is a despicable rat because he turned against Trump, but Christopher Steele is a big-league RAT who may very well have set up both Cohen and Trump.

If we had a truly independent judiciary, we could expect a grand jury to be sorting this out and finding the truth. Instead we have the Rod Rosenstein led coup continuing apace and just a few alert citizens figuring out the truth on their own.

For more background on the Deep State, the Dishonest Media and the war against Trump, please take a look at my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy, which is a collection of essays from the last 14 years about how the One-Party Oligarchs have played us for suckers until Trump came along.

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